Thursday, May 5, 2011

VLV Saturday Shopping part 1

Finally as promised,the rest of VLV posts and pics today.I have just been really lazy with blogging,and my cams battery went flat to take pics of some goodies I bought.Saturday after breakfast buffet.which is my favorite part.We decided to look at the vendors.And of course I had to stop by King Cat Of Hollywood.Been buying from him a long time and he has such great shirts that don't fade and fit perfect.especially being a girl I hate T shirts with a thick neck and the material is that thick stuff that feels like cardboard no matter how much fabric sofenter you use,and it's just not flattering to our torso's.We got 4 shirts and i also got some do rags(bandanas).So here they are.please check them out.Great stuff.
sorry it is blurry.just their card.But here is their link.
I love my pink one.I believe these are limited so if you want one better hurry.
The front.So cute
the back.
my black one
the front
Hubby got one too.
My do rags.I love these.


  1. cute chola kitty shirts and do rags. your going to loo so adorable wearing them.