Thursday, May 5, 2011

VLV Vintage and Vanity Sunday

Sunday was a slow day.Had a late lunch and then decided to have some me time and went to Mitzi and Co's pinup hair and make-up class.This class was very fun and useful,and we all got goodie bags.I really enjoyed it.Sorry my pics were blurry again.I have noticed when I have to turn the flash off this happens.Have no idea what setting to keep it on to prevent my aplogies.Looks like I just need a better camera.
pens cards stickers
my cupcake lipgloss.i was so excited.
inside my bag was a little print out book on the styles of the hair and make up.was also excited about this.
Model getting her curls .Sorry for the blur

all set
Make uping tips.Leaned a few new tricks.
brush,tease,and comb time.
Final touches.
All finished.this was the shorter version of veronica lakes hairstyle.isn't she just gorgeous?After this class they had the intermediate class where you did your own hair and make up but I had to meet Jaede and wanda in the show room for the Charles Phoenix slideshow.That was also amazing.He did a complete slideshow of DisneyLand in the 50's and 60's .I have never been there so I really enjoyed seeing how it has changed and he was so funny.I tried to take photos but we had to have the flash off and nothing was coming out clear.Everything was coming out blurry.But I suggest if you ever get the chance you must see his shows.Tomorrow I will post my last day in Vegas.I have just worn myself out trying to catch up on my blog posts.enjoy everyone.xx


  1. These is pretty,did you have to pay for the classes? i bet that cupcake ligloss smells yummy.

  2. The classes were free.It was nice to get to go to it.Love my lip gloss tastes like vanilla,and is real nice on but I kept licking it