Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Cats Pajamas

Where I work they are having a big discount sale.So when I got off I got these babies.Two pairs of satin pajamas for 87 cents.Sooooo pretty.Don't know which ones to wear first.
The blue is gorgeous and the flowers have some leopard print.
Love the flowers have leopard print in them.

Also got this Rose sented body spray,which smells great when you smell the bottle.I put some on in the car and was very disappointed that it hardly had a smell on my skin.The first ingrediant is water.So that explains it.Think I will stick to lush.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Antique Treasure Finds

Yesterday I decided to go to my favorite Antique store.My plan was to only go look at thier vanity's and see what they were priced.As usual I fell to browsing the whole store.And picked up a few things.I have found my dream Vanity.It is only $325.00.And it looks like 1920 or 30's model.I am gutted that i can't get it cuz I am broke.The worst part about the vanity not only the price already cheap it's friggen 20% off.Waaaaaah.I am praying  I can get the money for it quick.I would hate for some random person to come along and grab it.So fingers crossed I perform a
Anyway Here are my cute little finds.The antique store used to be an old tobacco wherehouse and had a small ac 90 or more heat i was melting in there especially upstairs.ugggh.Lucky being there I didn't mind I was to focused on all the lovely things I wish I had loads of money to
Vintage patterns $1.00 each.they had more but I wanted to see what else they had.
Gingham and strawberrys.I have had my eye on this since last
Double pockets.Soooo adorable.Needs a
Blue roses.This was also there last time.Happy I got it.
I love this pouchy dangles from the cute.
Little tea dish.looked for a matchng cup but didnt find pretty.
Pink double bass or violin planter.Crap camera.
Figurine of lady and her poodle.
Her little poodle
Kitty Planter
Found this this morning .

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whats in My Name?

I was Born Yolanda Mary Forlano.I'm Italian and as I have mentioned named after my Grandmother.(dads mom).They came from Sicily and moved to Philidelphia.I was born in 1971 in Fort Bragg army base in North Carolina so I am what people call a Tar will have to look up where that name comes dad was in the army so we lived everywhere.There is always an ongoing battle weather my name is Spanish or Italian.Doesn't matter to me as long as it's pretty.I say that I was younger I hated it.People couldn't pronounce it not to mention spell it.I always threatened when I grew up I was going to change it.Still havent done that.Just my last people still can't pronounce my name or spell it.My nick name is Yoli.That name was given to me in Germany by my first grade teacher who was from spain.She said that was Yolanda in spanish and it stuck.It's short and easy to people think I'm spanish half the time and Italians have similar features and the language is almost identical.(I don't speak a word).
While growing up my other grandmother (moms mom) used to call me Miss America.I always thought it was because I would always paint my nails or put on her lipstick and heels claiming I wanted to be Miss America when I grew up.I wore dresses all the time and she always said you look like miss america.Never new she was referring me to this lovely lady.
Yolande Betbeze Miss America 1951

After winning she refused to model catalina swimwear.This caused them to pull thier sponsorship from Miss America Pagaents and start the Miss Universe Pagaent.I will post more on this.It's very interesting.Sounds like went into modeling in my early 20's and when it was time to do swimsuit pics I pretended I didn't feel well and left.(selfconcious).Her reason was more on the way she was brought up .
I learned about Yolande from one of those back in time little books.I was looking through the 1951 book and it listed who was president and all and when I saw her name and she was Miss America I was so excited.Same name different spelling.And then I realised why my grandmother always called me Miss America.So sweet.
In memory to my grandmothers who taught me beauty isn't just on the outside,how to be strong,loving,and kind,and fight for what I believe in just like Miss America.,

Sexy Kittens

Hell everyone.Hope your all having a lovely weekend.Sorry for the lack of posting on here.Been kind of to lazy to post.Been stopping by all my favorite blogs and adding new ones to my favorite list.There are so many wonderful blogs out there.Also a big welcome to my  new Followers.Feel free to say hello and comment.It's 1:14 am and I should be asleep but watched my DVD of Guys and Dolls and I am wide to watch my favorite part of Miss Adelaide in her lovely Kitty part doing Take Back Your Mink.That is my favorite part except when Frank Sinatra sings Luck Be A Lady.I love his voice.So thought I would post some pics of my favorite Sexy Kittens.I didn't find much.Must be copyrights or something cuz years ago I could find loads of stars from the 40's and 50's in thier best kitty outfit.But now almost all I was looking for I didn't find.Oh well.At least I found a few.Enjoy.
Miss Adelaide from Guys and Dolls.How cute is she?I love her costume.This was the only photo I could find.The full costume is amazing.
Julie Newmar.She was my favorite batman catwoman .How cute it this?
Now I thought Michelle did the best as catwoman for the modern batman,Hands Down.I would kill for her figure.How she got into that suit I don't
And my sex kitten self a few years ago.What the hell happened?lol.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I Hate Mondays

I really hate mondays so thought I would share this cute little video to put manic monday behind me.And if you had a bad monday hope this cheers you

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Having A Hair Ball

Last night I decided to use my Hot Sticks for the first time.I got them at walmart for $16.00.I have never used these before,and after seeing Fleur's video thought.Yay no more curling iron for me.Cuz the older I get the lazier I am getting.So any easy way to curl my hair the better.They heated really quick.I alternated the colors.they came in purple and pink.Well the pics sure I like the hot sticks.I kept burning my fingertips with each one.The ends of my hair wouldn't wrap well so while struggling to roll them they were cooling quick.Once I got them in I was fine till one deciced to just pop off and slap me in the head.Now this doesn't mean it will happen to you.I have never used Hot sticks before so looks like I need to pracrice more.Well anyway I ended up rolling my hair in sponge rollers.I alternated the green and yellow.Here are the styles I did today.It's ok.but I was very picky today and felt like I was having a bad hair day and make up wasnt going well.That silly gel liner brush just sucks .Anyway here is my hair do.'s I can't make up my mind
My carrot top hair before brushing the curls.
Style # 1.I didn't like this I felt like an old lady with a
With a flower.I liked this one.
My rolls.This is how I usally where it if I have curly hair.
up with a flower.Forgot my
My silly little hot sticks.I need practice with these.
What I used after my failed hot
these little things get hot hot hot.Products I use.Ha ha Aqua net.That stuff is still around.Diamond shine  mousse,argan brazilian oil gets rid of frizz,also smoothing pomade by beyond zone.everything from sallys except aqua

Friday, June 17, 2011

Make Uping

I know today is Frocking Friday in Blog land,but I didn't really get dressed today.Have a bad habit of staying in my PJ's when I have nothing to in my PJ's right now but waitied late in the day to make up.Still need to do my hair.I will have to doFrocking Friday next friday instead.Well here is my make up I did today.And my camera just didn't do well.
My big in Red 2000 by Avon.
My camera totally sucks.My colors were so pretty.Eye shadow by sallygirl in quad called Power Trip.
I love Palladio make up.I used thier concealer stick in the shade Light.Then used my Loreal Feel Natural foundation in nude beige.And Palladio pressed rice powder in Translucent.
I usually put my blush on before my pressed powder.and while makeuping I put my lip plumper sexy mother pucker on.This stuff tingles and I can actually feel my pulse in my blush is by Avon,in the shade exotic plum.I think I have had this stuff since the 80's and it has lasted
Eyeshadow is sally girl quad called power trip.I used the two bottom colors and the white.The dark one on the bottom I used in the crease.
Close up.sorry it's blurry.
My eyeliners.I didn't use all 3.I normally use the NYC liquid but I am sick of waiting for it to dry so used my eyeliner pen by is amazing but didn't co operate today so used my new Gel liner by Femme Couture.I am in love with Gel liner.It went on so smooth.The liner brush I used is by E.L.F.and I think it seemed to wide.Will have to use a different brand.
Back to my lips.I used my lip liner by Jordana,which I don't ever use a lip liner but my new lipstick by Avon is so moist it bleeds.The lipstick is the color Red 2000.The color is so pretty but it bleeds and if you don't blot it gets on your teeth,Sorry it looks chewed up.I forgot to roll it back into the tube and put the cap back on and it got
The final touch on my lashes.Great Lash by Maybelline in Blackest Black.
Ta Da.

All my brushes are by Palladio.I love thier brushes.They are natural boar hair brushes and they are nice and soft and don't shed on your face.Everything I used is from Sally Beauty supply apart from couple of things.Happy Weekend

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Treasures Part 2

Here are the rest of my treasures from the Flea Market from yesterday.I also went to the salvation army up the street and found some nice skirts and a dress.Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.xx
This lovely pink rose jar.Think it was $7.00.Gonna put my cotton balls ,hair pns,or my small eye shadows in it.I love this thing.So girly.
This vanity set for $5.00.The tall stand it kind of thin I think I will put fake flowers in it something.
Closer look.Love the bottles.need to clean them out to put my perfumes in.

Now the items below are my treasures from the Salvation Army.

Salmon color pencil skirt.No matter where i went to take a photo my camera just sucked.It's much prettier in person.$2.00
Another pencil skirt.It's actually red.Needs a little tlc.the hem needs to be fixed.$2.00
This is so much cuter in person.$2.00
close look at the pattern
Saving the best purchase of the day for last.This silver lurex mix dress.$7.00