Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Cats Pajamas

Where I work they are having a big discount sale.So when I got off I got these babies.Two pairs of satin pajamas for 87 cents.Sooooo pretty.Don't know which ones to wear first.
The blue is gorgeous and the flowers have some leopard print.
Love the flowers have leopard print in them.

Also got this Rose sented body spray,which smells great when you smell the bottle.I put some on in the car and was very disappointed that it hardly had a smell on my skin.The first ingrediant is water.So that explains it.Think I will stick to lush.


  1. Those PJs are so glamorous, purrrfest for lounging about with cocktails. x

  2. I thought the same thing when we first got them in.Waited for them to go on sale and lucky got the last pairs.still can't believe I only payed 87 wore the blue ones last night.They are comfy and slippy

  3. that is a great steal, 87 cents, and they are brand new. I love rose scent too.