Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Treasures Part 2

Here are the rest of my treasures from the Flea Market from yesterday.I also went to the salvation army up the street and found some nice skirts and a dress.Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.xx
This lovely pink rose jar.Think it was $7.00.Gonna put my cotton balls ,hair pns,or my small eye shadows in it.I love this thing.So girly.
This vanity set for $5.00.The tall stand it kind of thin I think I will put fake flowers in it something.
Closer look.Love the bottles.need to clean them out to put my perfumes in.

Now the items below are my treasures from the Salvation Army.

Salmon color pencil skirt.No matter where i went to take a photo my camera just sucked.It's much prettier in person.$2.00
Another pencil skirt.It's actually red.Needs a little tlc.the hem needs to be fixed.$2.00
This is so much cuter in person.$2.00
close look at the pattern
Saving the best purchase of the day for last.This silver lurex mix dress.$7.00


  1. That silver Lurex dress is gorgeous! I love how it bunches up onto the side, very sexy!

    I am VERY jealous of that vanity set! It's spectacular! I am drooling over the lipstick holder! You and La Dama have one now I MUST find one for myself!

    The rose jar is just so cute and would look fab stuffed with pink cotton balls! xxx

  2. OoOooOo very nice finds!!
    I love the vanity set. I only have one piece like that so far... a mirrored tray with a couple lipstick holders attached.
    I keep looking for the hairspray holder like you found for yourself! LUCKY!


  3. thanks.That dress is a size 10 which should be huge on me but i guess it runs small I don't was looking for little cardigan tops ad saw it in the eyes went Boing.*like the wolf*.lol.I couldnt believe the lady gave me the whole vanity set.So thats what that stand is?for my hairspray.I think my mom used to have one.derrr.feel dumb i didnt know what it

  4. Yoli,
    I adore that pink rose jar, so pretty.
    Pencil skirts too, especially love the light blue pencil skirt.
    Vanity set is gorgeous, what a deal.
    Your gonna look red hot in that dress.

  5. I found this cute cake knife and it was white with pink roses on it and forgot to go back for it.hope it's still there next time.

  6. Yes the tall one is to keep your hairspray can in. It should have had a top to "hide your haispray can" But heck even if it didn't come with one I am sure you will come across one sooner or later.
    p.s. don't feel dumb you didn't know... I would have never known if I wouldn't have seen others post pics of theirs. *hehehe*

  7. It was funny.I grabbed after you telling me and my mom said she had one but doesnt know where it is.She said she put her aqua net spray in it.funny thats what I use.i put it in there and it's almost to short.Only the lid of my spray sticks up.I was so excited.then I remembered my moms.Wonder where hers is?lol.

  8. I hope we get to see you rocking that gorgeous silver dress, it's fabulous. xxx

  9. ooh I love that dress!! Va Va Voom <3 an those perfume bottles are freakin awesome!! Great finds girl :D

  10. LOVE the lurex dress and the vanity treasures.
    Great finds!