Saturday, June 4, 2011

haircolor and cut

sorry for no posing for a few days.Couldn't be bothered.Yesterday I got up and was scared by al the gray coming in so colored my hair.I used red fire by loreal.It's a high lift color and I got it at sally beauty supply.I used 20 volume this time cuz my hair is starting to get dixie fried from the 30 and 40.Plus I was out of planned on cutting it so after shampooing out the color I put my potion 9 leave in conditioner by Sebastian in and combed all my hair like a high ponytail until my arms couldn't get any I pretty much combed it all straight up.then chose where I was cutting.was about 4 1/2 inches.Which by the legnth it was I cut the ponytail in letting the hair go it was all in layers.Next step in my hair cutting process I sectioned my hair straight down the middle.I took a small section in front like I was going to cut bangs and from my lips is where I cut the hair.then brought each side to that point.This is how I frame the face.I'm a hairdresser so I am comfortable cuttng my own hair.I will have to do a video some day cuz it's pretty easy to do.It feels and looks much better.Just worried how these layers are going to roll for my hairstyles.I wll try to do one tomorrow.Here are before and after pics.Excuse my pj's and no make up.It's so hot here I can't be bothered to do
Before.My morning bed I can see the grey under my bangs.ewww.Love the piece of bang that didnt get cut last week.My bangs used to be cut very pointy and growing them out looked dumb so I cut them even, so they grow out better.where they are now is how high the corners were they were that pointy .sucks I finally had some good legnth on them before evening them out.Now i'm pretty much starting over.Bah.
After.cheese.I bet when i go to roll it i am going to have a fit of


  1. OoOo looks really nice, Good job!
    You look lovely!

    I need to round my bangs a little more they are a little to straight across atm. But I cut them shorter than having wanted to so I just ... (Put the scossors down slowly and decided to give it a couple week break.)

  2. Thanks going to curl it today and see what I can do with it.Should be

  3. Looks great,i need to see a vid of you cutting your hair, that way i will learn how to cut my own look cute your leopard pjs,i think it will curl better my did once i had a layer in it.

  4. it looks fantastic! i just love how cute your blog banner is. it relates perfectly to this post, actually! =)

  5. Thank you very much.I love the name of your champagne is my favorite.