Saturday, June 18, 2011

Having A Hair Ball

Last night I decided to use my Hot Sticks for the first time.I got them at walmart for $16.00.I have never used these before,and after seeing Fleur's video thought.Yay no more curling iron for me.Cuz the older I get the lazier I am getting.So any easy way to curl my hair the better.They heated really quick.I alternated the colors.they came in purple and pink.Well the pics sure I like the hot sticks.I kept burning my fingertips with each one.The ends of my hair wouldn't wrap well so while struggling to roll them they were cooling quick.Once I got them in I was fine till one deciced to just pop off and slap me in the head.Now this doesn't mean it will happen to you.I have never used Hot sticks before so looks like I need to pracrice more.Well anyway I ended up rolling my hair in sponge rollers.I alternated the green and yellow.Here are the styles I did today.It's ok.but I was very picky today and felt like I was having a bad hair day and make up wasnt going well.That silly gel liner brush just sucks .Anyway here is my hair do.'s I can't make up my mind
My carrot top hair before brushing the curls.
Style # 1.I didn't like this I felt like an old lady with a
With a flower.I liked this one.
My rolls.This is how I usally where it if I have curly hair.
up with a flower.Forgot my
My silly little hot sticks.I need practice with these.
What I used after my failed hot
these little things get hot hot hot.Products I use.Ha ha Aqua net.That stuff is still around.Diamond shine  mousse,argan brazilian oil gets rid of frizz,also smoothing pomade by beyond zone.everything from sallys except aqua


  1. Well your better at curling your hair than I AM!! =)
    I have hot sticks too! I think I have used them about 5 times or so. They work quite well but I HAVE NOT YET FOUND a good way to set them around my head that I am really happy with. Sometimes I think I need to put more hair around them because I end up with kinks! lol When that happens I huck a bandana around my head!

  2. I love your hair up, your make up rocks Yoli.
    I need that stuff for my fro.
    lol @ carrot top hair.

  3. I have alot of hair but it's so sily it's hard to curl .I think I will just ad more product right before setting.I have always had trouble with hot roller type things.they just cool to quick before i get them rolled right.I didnt set them a certain way.mostly going back and down.I used greens today for my eye shadow.didnt bother taking a pic since my camera doesnt do well with close

  4. that was supposed to say silky not

  5. I love your hair! You look fantastic.
    I have those sticks and love them. I put my hair in bunches and roll the sticks up to my chin, taking them out after 30 minutes. xxx