Friday, June 17, 2011

Make Uping

I know today is Frocking Friday in Blog land,but I didn't really get dressed today.Have a bad habit of staying in my PJ's when I have nothing to in my PJ's right now but waitied late in the day to make up.Still need to do my hair.I will have to doFrocking Friday next friday instead.Well here is my make up I did today.And my camera just didn't do well.
My big in Red 2000 by Avon.
My camera totally sucks.My colors were so pretty.Eye shadow by sallygirl in quad called Power Trip.
I love Palladio make up.I used thier concealer stick in the shade Light.Then used my Loreal Feel Natural foundation in nude beige.And Palladio pressed rice powder in Translucent.
I usually put my blush on before my pressed powder.and while makeuping I put my lip plumper sexy mother pucker on.This stuff tingles and I can actually feel my pulse in my blush is by Avon,in the shade exotic plum.I think I have had this stuff since the 80's and it has lasted
Eyeshadow is sally girl quad called power trip.I used the two bottom colors and the white.The dark one on the bottom I used in the crease.
Close up.sorry it's blurry.
My eyeliners.I didn't use all 3.I normally use the NYC liquid but I am sick of waiting for it to dry so used my eyeliner pen by is amazing but didn't co operate today so used my new Gel liner by Femme Couture.I am in love with Gel liner.It went on so smooth.The liner brush I used is by E.L.F.and I think it seemed to wide.Will have to use a different brand.
Back to my lips.I used my lip liner by Jordana,which I don't ever use a lip liner but my new lipstick by Avon is so moist it bleeds.The lipstick is the color Red 2000.The color is so pretty but it bleeds and if you don't blot it gets on your teeth,Sorry it looks chewed up.I forgot to roll it back into the tube and put the cap back on and it got
The final touch on my lashes.Great Lash by Maybelline in Blackest Black.
Ta Da.

All my brushes are by Palladio.I love thier brushes.They are natural boar hair brushes and they are nice and soft and don't shed on your face.Everything I used is from Sally Beauty supply apart from couple of things.Happy Weekend


  1. Ehhhhh! I let myself have a lazy day today too! After all I have not had much to do besides prepare my garage sale list for tomorrow and uhhhmm well seriously not much else! HAHAHA

    Your makeup looks nice! And a big mouth is better than no mouth =p You've got a gorgeous mouth soooooo shush it! *lol*

    P.s. I like your stripey shirt!
    You have a good weekend too!

  2. I don't get payed yet so no thrifting or nothing this weekend.Waaaah.That lipstick is so moist I didnt need any gloss.I havent used avon since I was probably 16 and my mom buys it so thought I would try a new lipstick.I love wet and wild but they don;t stay like they used Vegs I guess I ate it off i had to keep re applying.Thats top is my favorite.I wear it all the time surprised it still has

  3. So good. Look at you! You are stunning. Your bangs are great. And of course, I am partial to redheads so...your hair is fantastic duh.

    strawberry freckleface

  4. I'd give anything to go to a Sallys! We don't have them in the UK but I hear they have EVERYTHING :| Even some discontinued MAC stuff!

    I love your lips and you teeth are so white! Avon's Red 2000 looks like a really nice red, I may have to Google it after this.

    You look beautiful! xxxx

  5. I love wearing grey eyeshadow, love your lusicious red lips, yes, I agree your teeth are so sparkly white. you know I adorar your red hot hair.

  6. Thank you ladies.Just wish my camera would do better.will have to fix it.maybe more lights in the have sallys in England.I know there is one in Newcastle.Directly across the street from will post Sallys UK link up for you all.Our sallys here doesnt sell mac.But I remember seeing OPI polish in the one in Newcastle.strange how some stores are slightly different.As for my white teeth I use arm and hammer tooth paste.the extra whitening one.Tesco or asda may have it.It has baking soda and peroxide in it and my teeth always feel like i have been to the