Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sexy Kittens

Hell everyone.Hope your all having a lovely weekend.Sorry for the lack of posting on here.Been kind of to lazy to post.Been stopping by all my favorite blogs and adding new ones to my favorite list.There are so many wonderful blogs out there.Also a big welcome to my  new Followers.Feel free to say hello and comment.It's 1:14 am and I should be asleep but watched my DVD of Guys and Dolls and I am wide to watch my favorite part of Miss Adelaide in her lovely Kitty part doing Take Back Your Mink.That is my favorite part except when Frank Sinatra sings Luck Be A Lady.I love his voice.So thought I would post some pics of my favorite Sexy Kittens.I didn't find much.Must be copyrights or something cuz years ago I could find loads of stars from the 40's and 50's in thier best kitty outfit.But now almost all I was looking for I didn't find.Oh well.At least I found a few.Enjoy.
Miss Adelaide from Guys and Dolls.How cute is she?I love her costume.This was the only photo I could find.The full costume is amazing.
Julie Newmar.She was my favorite batman catwoman .How cute it this?
Now I thought Michelle did the best as catwoman for the modern batman,Hands Down.I would kill for her figure.How she got into that suit I don't
And my sex kitten self a few years ago.What the hell happened?lol.


  1. love the kitty fotos, you still look gorgeous, what you on about?

  2. Lol.Thanks.I'm getting old.Just noticed I wrote hell people instead of't type after