Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Antique Treasure Finds

Yesterday I decided to go to my favorite Antique store.My plan was to only go look at thier vanity's and see what they were priced.As usual I fell to browsing the whole store.And picked up a few things.I have found my dream Vanity.It is only $325.00.And it looks like 1920 or 30's model.I am gutted that i can't get it cuz I am broke.The worst part about the vanity not only the price already cheap it's friggen 20% off.Waaaaaah.I am praying  I can get the money for it quick.I would hate for some random person to come along and grab it.So fingers crossed I perform a
Anyway Here are my cute little finds.The antique store used to be an old tobacco wherehouse and had a small ac 90 or more heat i was melting in there especially upstairs.ugggh.Lucky being there I didn't mind I was to focused on all the lovely things I wish I had loads of money to
Vintage patterns $1.00 each.they had more but I wanted to see what else they had.
Gingham and strawberrys.I have had my eye on this since last
Double pockets.Soooo adorable.Needs a
Blue roses.This was also there last time.Happy I got it.
I love this pouchy dangles from the cute.
Little tea dish.looked for a matchng cup but didnt find pretty.
Pink double bass or violin planter.Crap camera.
Figurine of lady and her poodle.
Her little poodle
Kitty Planter
Found this this morning .


  1. I am loving those aprons. What fantastic finds.

  2. Awwww those aprons are too sweet!!
    The patterns 1.00 each! Can't beat that!!
    You surely found some cute stuff =D

  3. great finds Yoli,love the aprons and figurines are the cutest.

  4. I'm an apron maniac, love your apron finds, you lucky, lucky gal. <3