Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whats in My Name?

I was Born Yolanda Mary Forlano.I'm Italian and as I have mentioned named after my Grandmother.(dads mom).They came from Sicily and moved to Philidelphia.I was born in 1971 in Fort Bragg army base in North Carolina so I am what people call a Tar will have to look up where that name comes dad was in the army so we lived everywhere.There is always an ongoing battle weather my name is Spanish or Italian.Doesn't matter to me as long as it's pretty.I say that I was younger I hated it.People couldn't pronounce it not to mention spell it.I always threatened when I grew up I was going to change it.Still havent done that.Just my last people still can't pronounce my name or spell it.My nick name is Yoli.That name was given to me in Germany by my first grade teacher who was from spain.She said that was Yolanda in spanish and it stuck.It's short and easy to people think I'm spanish half the time and Italians have similar features and the language is almost identical.(I don't speak a word).
While growing up my other grandmother (moms mom) used to call me Miss America.I always thought it was because I would always paint my nails or put on her lipstick and heels claiming I wanted to be Miss America when I grew up.I wore dresses all the time and she always said you look like miss america.Never new she was referring me to this lovely lady.
Yolande Betbeze Miss America 1951

After winning she refused to model catalina swimwear.This caused them to pull thier sponsorship from Miss America Pagaents and start the Miss Universe Pagaent.I will post more on this.It's very interesting.Sounds like went into modeling in my early 20's and when it was time to do swimsuit pics I pretended I didn't feel well and left.(selfconcious).Her reason was more on the way she was brought up .
I learned about Yolande from one of those back in time little books.I was looking through the 1951 book and it listed who was president and all and when I saw her name and she was Miss America I was so excited.Same name different spelling.And then I realised why my grandmother always called me Miss America.So sweet.
In memory to my grandmothers who taught me beauty isn't just on the outside,how to be strong,loving,and kind,and fight for what I believe in just like Miss America.,

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  1. what a beautiful touchig story I never knew that, I remember you telling me about you being named after your grandmama.