Friday, July 29, 2011

Mr Cupcake

Look who I found.Mr Cupcake my birthday bear.I found him where I looked a bunch of times.I swear there is a ghost in this house that takes things and hides them.It happens all the time.keys,clothes,Well here is Mr Cupcake.Isn't he cute?Happy friday.xx

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my 40th Birthday some lovely cards and presents from hubby and his family.Love them all to bits.And of course I murdered my are some pics.
Birthday card from hubby.I love him so much.It's great that he is here for my birthday.
my sister n laws know me
look at that 40 card.Why does everyone think it's funny to be turning 40?When 50 comes I am hiding under a
Hubbys sisters know I love matalan.They got me this cute dress.I love it.
Love the cute bow in front.
A new black sweater thingy.I love these,

And of course they didnt forget shoes.I absolutley love these.Black suede wedges.with knot bow.I was super excited when I opened these.Everything was wrapped in cute cup cake paper.I also got a cute cuddley teddy bear holding a cupcake,he has disappeared so as soon as I find it i will post a's so cute.
Can't have a birthday without cake.I had to work yesterday and my son and his girlfriend showed up with my cake.It was funny.I was thinking what to have sweet on my break and he showed up with cake.I didnt tell anyone at work it was my birthday so when my son showed up it got out so instead of working till 7pm I got off at 3:30.yay.I cute off half the cake for the girls at work.I felt bad leaving early and leaving with a cake.Lol.Well that was my birthday yesterday.sorry for lack of posts.Been so tired from the two jobs and hubby being here I try to spend the time with him.Poor man sitting home while I work,Also brought us rain from england for the still have more to post will try to do that this

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Hubby Time

Yay.I am so excited.My hubby will be here thursday night.I can't wait.Whats cool is I work till 7 pm and he gets here at 7 20 pm.the mall is directly across from the airport.I can literally walk I drive the planes look so low you could touch wont be able to sleep for two picked this photo of my husband and his bass.And a few Others.He even has a beer stand.Yes there are no such thing of a photo of my husband without his snake bites or
Over at his friends house in thier bar.Coolest room.Look at all the goodies to
Whitby Kisses.I want to live in Whitby so bad.
Kisses at Bowes Museum.I love it.Sad I have missed the Vivian Of Westwood shoe display.
Vivians.Shhh.I stole this from my friends albumn.I would so wear these.I'm sick that I have missed this.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Suckiness

Having a sucky Monday today.My husband has been trying to get here since christmas.Something always messes up our plans.He has his car for sale and someone was supposed to have the money by today and hubby has a flight for cheap he is trying to have booked and that somebody is falling through.I'm so frustrated.I told him it's another sign I should be moving to England.I also dreamnt last night we were living in Whitby.I have those dreams all the time and hubby is stubborn.I told him try to find a flight for monday instead of thursday cuz the prices are all going up again.So fingers crossed this somebody pulls his finger out.Even hubby is annoyed and he is  unlike his little wife who gets upset when things don't work out.*sigh*And my new job just called and said they were really slow and didnt need me today.I hope they arent going to start this crap and let me go.Trying not to worry about things but seems like I have just taken 100 steps back.Not a happy Kitten.Oh well I can finish the laundrey and finish my bedroom in case hubby has a miracle for thursday.xx.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prince Poppycock

I am loving all the blogs I have been following.I recently came across this lovely blog.The love of tea and cake,with opera,and all the beauty.I am sharing the link for you to follow as well.What hooked me apart from loving the same things as me she posted about my favorite.Prince Poppycock.For those of you who watch Americas Got Talent you will remember this amazing man.I fell in love with him.*hubby is going to get annoyed.*lol.I have always loved theater and Opera.I think I am the only one in my family who enjoys this,which is sad cuz they don't know what they are missing.Prince Poppycock is so amazing.His costumes and make up breath taking.I was glued to the tv when I watched and was sad he didnt win but he was very graceful and seems such a wonderful person.I hope one day he has his own show cuz I will be the first to buy a ticket.So here are some videos of his performances.I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.And also stop by tea and

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cracking Up

Hello everyone.Sorry for not doing any posting lately.With the new job I have been to tired.But I have the weekend off so I can catch up a little.Went to sallys last weekend and bought my usual haircolor.Yes it's that time again.So sick of having to do it.More and more gray so it's going to have to be done sooner it seems.Ugggh.Anyway.Went to Sallys Beauty Supply and as usual they only had one tube of my color so decided to try another red by loreal in thier feria line.looks exactly like my high lift.Got everything else and of course always have to go to the polish section for China Glaze.I aim to have the whole line one day.I have been dying to try their Crackle line.So finally bought one.Now I thought you just put it on and it's crackly.No,no,no, girl saw me looking at them and said have you tried it yet?I said no.She said how much she loved them and then told me how they work.You put the crackle on top of the color you put on.So I stared at them about 15 min.I can never decide what color I want cuz I want them all.So I finally chose the shade Oxidized Aqua.Here is my photos step by step.And I apologize as usual for the blurry mess.They look so cool and I recomend everyone try it.It is so amazing.And the thinner the coat of crackle the more it cracks and shows the color under cool.Enjoy.xx
What I used.Always use your clear coat first.

When the top coat cried I used for my main color China Glazes Black Diamond.
It's like a frosty grey black and is hot sexy by itself.I used two coats.
Now this pic looks grey but the crackle is a frosty blue.So pretty.It is Oxidized Aqua.Before applying your crackle make sure the other shade is completley dry.
So sorry about these photos.They look so cool in person.I added a clear coat after it was dry.I love them.
For Xmas I want a new camera so close ups show detail.I colored my hair last night so will try to blog it this weekend.Happy Friday everyone.xx

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new Hubby Treat

Hubby got me this on Ebay.Can't wait to get it.I stole the ebay pics since when I get it my camera is going to take crap photos.It's a vintage Hawaiian top and wrap skirt set.I'm so excited.
I love the blue and the flowers are so pretty.Love the full sleeves and the wooden buttons.
Love it.Love

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Well I have been offered a job at a little store in the mall called Palmetto Moon.It's a cute little store and is named after South Carolinas flag which is a palmetto with a crest moon.South Carolina is called the palmetto state because of the palmetto trees.Blah blah blah enough about they sell tee shirts with the logos for south carolina and carolina girl shirts,blah blah.mostley your typical tourist crap.But they have those cute girlie hand painted martini glasses and all kinds of stuff.My sons girlfriend works there and said they were hiring and I guess she was talking to her boss while on the phone with my son cuz she said they would hire me.She brought me the application today so it's filled out and ready to go.So going tomorrow to hand it in.I need this job since the one I have isn't much of one.1 day a week isn't really a job as far as I am concerned.And I need to be able to save.With hubby living in England still it's going to be hard to convince immigration that one day a week is'm really nervous considering when I quit sallys I didn't quit with notice.After 5 years I got fed up with employees not showing up ,calling out,not doing thier jobs I gave them to do,then my boss not listening to me that I needed help.working months without days off.One day I just snapped and just walked out as I left the keys on the counter to my employee.Stupid move I know.But I am nervous that walking out like that makes me look like I can't handle stress or responsibility,which isn't true.So I am hoping that they give me a chance.I will keep you posted.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little Surprise

Got these cute Hawaiian capris in the mail yesterday.A little present from hubby.I love them.They fit good and have satin inside legs.Only thing is dry clean only.Oops.Thats ok I have some stuff going to the cleaners soon anyway.Must have them remove the creases off the front.I can't stand creases o the front of my legs look even love these to bits.Thanks hubby.xxxx