Friday, July 15, 2011

Cracking Up

Hello everyone.Sorry for not doing any posting lately.With the new job I have been to tired.But I have the weekend off so I can catch up a little.Went to sallys last weekend and bought my usual haircolor.Yes it's that time again.So sick of having to do it.More and more gray so it's going to have to be done sooner it seems.Ugggh.Anyway.Went to Sallys Beauty Supply and as usual they only had one tube of my color so decided to try another red by loreal in thier feria line.looks exactly like my high lift.Got everything else and of course always have to go to the polish section for China Glaze.I aim to have the whole line one day.I have been dying to try their Crackle line.So finally bought one.Now I thought you just put it on and it's crackly.No,no,no, girl saw me looking at them and said have you tried it yet?I said no.She said how much she loved them and then told me how they work.You put the crackle on top of the color you put on.So I stared at them about 15 min.I can never decide what color I want cuz I want them all.So I finally chose the shade Oxidized Aqua.Here is my photos step by step.And I apologize as usual for the blurry mess.They look so cool and I recomend everyone try it.It is so amazing.And the thinner the coat of crackle the more it cracks and shows the color under cool.Enjoy.xx
What I used.Always use your clear coat first.

When the top coat cried I used for my main color China Glazes Black Diamond.
It's like a frosty grey black and is hot sexy by itself.I used two coats.
Now this pic looks grey but the crackle is a frosty blue.So pretty.It is Oxidized Aqua.Before applying your crackle make sure the other shade is completley dry.
So sorry about these photos.They look so cool in person.I added a clear coat after it was dry.I love them.
For Xmas I want a new camera so close ups show detail.I colored my hair last night so will try to blog it this weekend.Happy Friday everyone.xx


  1. I love how it looks so turquoise blue. your nails are so vampy long. did the crackel last? My cheap 99 cents polish one didnt.

  2. I love crackle nail polish! I just use the Barry M crackle polish which is probably the best one here in England - We can't buy China Glaze or OPI in store here (which sucks) so I buy mine online as they have the best collections! I have yet to try a China Glaze crackle polish yet!

    That colour is beautiful and your nails are perfect! xxx

  3. I think it will last.It takes ages for thier polishes to wear down.One of the reasons I love it.Also makes my nails grow fast.Seems like I just cut them was could see it cracking as it dried.Wonder who thought this up.I will have to do a give away soon on some china glaze.xx

  4. Love the crackle polish! I am wanting sa new camera too my current one is slowly dying!

  5. I love your nails and am a big fan of the crackle glaze. Like Sandy, Barry M's my choice. x

  6. I love the blue nail polish! =)