Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Well I have been offered a job at a little store in the mall called Palmetto Moon.It's a cute little store and is named after South Carolinas flag which is a palmetto with a crest moon.South Carolina is called the palmetto state because of the palmetto trees.Blah blah blah enough about they sell tee shirts with the logos for south carolina and carolina girl shirts,blah blah.mostley your typical tourist crap.But they have those cute girlie hand painted martini glasses and all kinds of stuff.My sons girlfriend works there and said they were hiring and I guess she was talking to her boss while on the phone with my son cuz she said they would hire me.She brought me the application today so it's filled out and ready to go.So going tomorrow to hand it in.I need this job since the one I have isn't much of one.1 day a week isn't really a job as far as I am concerned.And I need to be able to save.With hubby living in England still it's going to be hard to convince immigration that one day a week is'm really nervous considering when I quit sallys I didn't quit with notice.After 5 years I got fed up with employees not showing up ,calling out,not doing thier jobs I gave them to do,then my boss not listening to me that I needed help.working months without days off.One day I just snapped and just walked out as I left the keys on the counter to my employee.Stupid move I know.But I am nervous that walking out like that makes me look like I can't handle stress or responsibility,which isn't true.So I am hoping that they give me a chance.I will keep you posted.


  1. congrats Yoli!
    I am so glad your got a new job, will help you lots.

  2. I hope everything works out for you! You're a lovely person and you would be a great addition to their shop! Liven the place up a little! Fingers crossed! Xxx