Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my 40th Birthday some lovely cards and presents from hubby and his family.Love them all to bits.And of course I murdered my are some pics.
Birthday card from hubby.I love him so much.It's great that he is here for my birthday.
my sister n laws know me
look at that 40 card.Why does everyone think it's funny to be turning 40?When 50 comes I am hiding under a
Hubbys sisters know I love matalan.They got me this cute dress.I love it.
Love the cute bow in front.
A new black sweater thingy.I love these,

And of course they didnt forget shoes.I absolutley love these.Black suede wedges.with knot bow.I was super excited when I opened these.Everything was wrapped in cute cup cake paper.I also got a cute cuddley teddy bear holding a cupcake,he has disappeared so as soon as I find it i will post a's so cute.
Can't have a birthday without cake.I had to work yesterday and my son and his girlfriend showed up with my cake.It was funny.I was thinking what to have sweet on my break and he showed up with cake.I didnt tell anyone at work it was my birthday so when my son showed up it got out so instead of working till 7pm I got off at 3:30.yay.I cute off half the cake for the girls at work.I felt bad leaving early and leaving with a cake.Lol.Well that was my birthday yesterday.sorry for lack of posts.Been so tired from the two jobs and hubby being here I try to spend the time with him.Poor man sitting home while I work,Also brought us rain from england for the still have more to post will try to do that this


  1. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Welcome to the Forties club. What lovly pressies and what a lovely thing for your son to do. xxx

  2. Yay for hubby being there on your birthday!

    That dress look super cute!

    That cake looks soooo good! I love the colour of it! Nom nom nom nom nom!

    I'm glad you had a lovely Birthday with your man! xxx

  3. You know I am seriously shocked! I thought you were in your early 30's *seriouosly*
    Happy Birthday!
    It sounds like you had a great one. Your cake looks yummy and so do your presents!

  4. Aww, well Happy Belated!! And just like mentioned about, I NEVER wouldv'e guessed you were even near 40, Mrs. Forever Young!
    I hope it was glorious and filled with many gifts and sweet treats! :)

  5. Happy birthday!That cake looks so good, i been craving a good cake.
    You got great gifts love the dress and shoes.