Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Hubby Time

Yay.I am so excited.My hubby will be here thursday night.I can't wait.Whats cool is I work till 7 pm and he gets here at 7 20 pm.the mall is directly across from the airport.I can literally walk there.lol.When I drive the planes look so low you could touch them.lol.I wont be able to sleep for two nights.lol.I picked this photo of my husband and his bass.And a few Others.He even has a beer stand.Yes there are no such thing of a photo of my husband without his snake bites or strongbow.lol.
Over at his friends house in thier bar.Coolest room.Look at all the goodies to drink.lol.
Whitby Kisses.I want to live in Whitby so bad.
Kisses at Bowes Museum.I love it.Sad I have missed the Vivian Of Westwood shoe display.
Vivians.Shhh.I stole this from my friends albumn.I would so wear these.I'm sick that I have missed this.


  1. *Woohoo* That he is coming! *THROWS CONFETTI*
    Have a fantastic time.

  2. Yay! I'm so happy for you. Have the most wonderful time. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. WOOP WOOP! Good things always come to those who wait! I'm so happy that you are finally going to see your hub after waiting so damn long!

    Whitby is a beautiful place - I live about an hour away on the bus. Me and Pyf go there quite often as there is the most amazing antiques shop there! One of the first gifts he got me was a Whitby Jet necklace when we went there together for the first time. I have many good memories of Whitby and it seems like you have too!

    Lets hope you get to go back there soon! xxx

  4. Thanks everyone.I am so excited.Tomorrow will be the longest day of my life.lol.Hate the waiting.lol.hope he doesnt forget my cadbury goodies.lol.

  5. Yee ha! I bet your busy planning all kinds of food and drinks. love thos Vivienne shoes.

  6. As churchill would say Oh Yes.lol.

  7. Oh yes !!! I'm so excited and happy for you both. Hope to see you here soon too ! Love and Hugs xxxx

  8. Hope you get/got tons of cuddles, you deserve it. <3

  9. Oooooh, how exciting! It's hard to describe that wonderfulness of knowing your man is on his way :)
    He'd better take you on a romantic date, or he'll be hearing from me!