Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Suckiness

Having a sucky Monday today.My husband has been trying to get here since christmas.Something always messes up our plans.He has his car for sale and someone was supposed to have the money by today and hubby has a flight for cheap he is trying to have booked and that somebody is falling through.I'm so frustrated.I told him it's another sign I should be moving to England.I also dreamnt last night we were living in Whitby.I have those dreams all the time and hubby is stubborn.I told him try to find a flight for monday instead of thursday cuz the prices are all going up again.So fingers crossed this somebody pulls his finger out.Even hubby is annoyed and he is  unlike his little wife who gets upset when things don't work out.*sigh*And my new job just called and said they were really slow and didnt need me today.I hope they arent going to start this crap and let me go.Trying not to worry about things but seems like I have just taken 100 steps back.Not a happy Kitten.Oh well I can finish the laundrey and finish my bedroom in case hubby has a miracle for thursday.xx.


  1. Oh no, hope he can get there for good. new jobs test you for awhile. your probably good.
    that picture of Pears soap is funny.

  2. Aww I hope he gets there.
    I could see how that would be very frustrating.

    When I was about 14 and dating my husband, he lived about a 40 min drive from me. WE BOTH didn't drive of course and when I couldn't see him I would be really annoyed. Other times he or I caught the bus which seriosly was like a 2 1/2 hour ordeal with the exchanging of buses and then since he lived out of town the bus system only went out there like 4 times a day =/ It seemed like it took ages to get to his house! LOL
    Your distance is obviously alot farther.. but come on I AM remembering this from a 14 year old girls perspective. *lol*

  3. I absolutely hate making plans that fall through - it happens to me so often that I have just put it down to pure bad luck but it doesn't stop me getting pissed off!

    I really hope you and hubby can see each other soon because god knows you've been waiting long enough! I hope everything starts running a little smoother for you soon - besides.. when you do finally see your hub then it'll be even sweeter! xxx