Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prince Poppycock

I am loving all the blogs I have been following.I recently came across this lovely blog.The love of tea and cake,with opera,and all the beauty.I am sharing the link for you to follow as well.What hooked me apart from loving the same things as me she posted about my favorite.Prince Poppycock.For those of you who watch Americas Got Talent you will remember this amazing man.I fell in love with him.*hubby is going to get annoyed.*lol.I have always loved theater and Opera.I think I am the only one in my family who enjoys this,which is sad cuz they don't know what they are missing.Prince Poppycock is so amazing.His costumes and make up breath taking.I was glued to the tv when I watched and was sad he didnt win but he was very graceful and seems such a wonderful person.I hope one day he has his own show cuz I will be the first to buy a ticket.So here are some videos of his performances.I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.And also stop by tea and


  1. I thought Prince Poppycock was the best! He has such an amazing voice and really makes a show of it! Not only is his voice great but his makeup and his costumes are excellent - he has a lot more to offer than just a voice, he has the entire package!

    It's a shame they always go for the 'normal' singing acts but I guess they have to go with what they think can sell.

    Long live Prince Poppycock! xxx

  2. He is amazing.I couldn't stop watching him.And even watching the videos i can't take my eyes off his make up.He has every detail perfect.Makes me want to dress as marie antoinette think he has a Vegas show but not sure.If so next vegas trip i will be dragging my