Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back To My Roots

Went to Sally Beauty yesterday.It's that time again.dark roots mixed with gray.Can't stand that happening with my hair.Was going to bleach the ends to get the dark out thats still lingering from whe it was black but it was going to be to expensive so going next pay day to get the tub of bleach thats on sale instead of the packets.worried I may run out of bleach in the back of my hair half way through.Anyway here is what I got.

30 volume developer.High lift color by Loreal.Love this stuff.and gloves of course.I almost forgot

here is the box.H8 Red Fire.I have to use two on my
ION color defense this stuff.
wax strips.I hate those babyfine hairs that get missed after tweezing.
My pure Acetone polish remover to remove my chipped red polish.Do not use this if you have tips or acrylic nails.
Wasn't planning on buying polish but I couldn't resist my China Glaze in this lovely pea green called.Cha Cha Cha

So what kind of beauty thigs did you do today?


  1. Hmmm beauty things?? Well I just applied my makeup before I went out. *heheh* That is about all I did.
    But I did pick up a few vintage outfits on a 1.00 tag sale today! *woot woot*

    I like the looks of that China glaze CHA CHA CHA! I mean what a great name for my fave color.

    I still need to dye my hair again. The black has faded to brown with a few greys that aggervate me to NO END! I would just yank them out.. but my Mother said not too cause they will come back wire-ish. *lol*

  2. I was afraid to go thrifting.I go over board.but i went overboard in sallys too.I go in for one thing and endup buying extra sure what I will wear with cha cha cha yet.i will find something.I have a skirt it will be cute with.I used to yank a gray out here and there and I think it has bread millins definatley don't

  3. I love that nail polish, it's a fabulous colour.x

  4. love all those products Yoli.
    I never tried that shampoo.
    oh I been wanting to get cha cha colors from china glaze but waiting for them to go on sale.
    how did your hair turn out?

  5. I got the cha cha cha on sale.think it's getting discontiued.I will try to find you some.My hair turned out good i need to post a pic.