Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello blog world.Sorry I haven't posted in ages.Hubby went back to England tuesday and i have been bitchy and mopey.Plus having to work when I don't want to.School started thank god.My kids were driving me crazy.Well one still goes.Here are some things I got while hubby was here.We spent more time going out to eat than shopping like we wanted.either broke or to damn hot.His first weekend here we went to my favorite antique store and he got me this book I found.It's so cute.
Love the illistration
Inside the cover.
It has stories and comics.
How cute
This book was issued from the Fleetway House,Farrington Street,London.Ad how cool is the back of the book with a cadbury's puzzle.Just love it.

We also went to the fleamarket that day and I got these two scarves.The purple one was for jetta but she will only wear it for special occasions cuz she likes to get dirty and it's to pretty.
love the sparkly bursts
Jetta doesn't like
Trying to keep jetta in a
Love the colors on this and the print.I have been into pinks and purples lately.Thats all for now,I will try to post
Love Yoli


  1. He will be back so dont despair Yoli.
    cute books, aww jetta looks like such a charater with her scarf on. love the print on the last scarf. is it a 50's atomic print?

  2. hope you feel a lot more cheery soon!
    Jetta looks very smart in her new scarf. x