Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lovely flowers

Not sure if any of you shop in claires but I love that store.Me and hubby had a day out Friday since it was my day off.First we went to Jhonny Rockets.They have gotten so expensive.Our bill was 30.00 and all we got was two burgers,shared a chilli cheese fries,and two cherry cokes.And they don't play just oldies anymore.which I think sucks.But it's a tourist trap here so I guess what ever brigs in the customers.But we still enjoyed it.Everything was delicious.Here is a pic of our yummies.
After Johnny Rockets we browsed a few stores and then I spotted Claires.Dragged hubby are the goodies I bought.
This little pink leopard print case.It was funny I found this.I was going to go to walmart for a new contact case.And when I found this case I thought it was just another trinket case.I didnt plan on buying it till I opened it and saw it was for your contacts.So had to have it.I love it.
This pretty pink/coral flower with small feathers.It's more camera and lighting in the bathroom doesnt do justice.I don't normally like hair flowers with feathers or rhinestones but this one isn't to gaudy with the feathers.
two daisy clips.I absolutley love daisies in my hair.they seem to go with everything.
Today I picked these up on my break while at work.A sunflower clip and daisy hair ties.Can't wait to use these.Hope everyone has been having a nice weekend.And I apologise for any spelling mistakes as I have had a few bloody mary's and I use lot of



  1. Well the food looks delicious! I am HUNGRY!!! HAHA
    Omg that contact case is SO CUTE. And since I got contacts about a month ago I have a excuse to buy one!! *weee* I must go to claires now and take a look I have not been there in like 6 months.
    Love all the flowers!

  2. I love the case.I havent been in claires in ages either.but since it was there what the always leave with something.They have so many cute things.

  3. I haven't been in Claires for a long time! I must go in one when i'm next in the vacinity of one just to look for that sunflower hair clip! Sunflowers are my favourite flowers out of them all!

    That food looks soooo good, especially the chili cheese fries! Thats one of the things i look forward to when visiting america for my first time.. Go to a cheesey 50s style diner and get burger and fries big ol' american style.. Mmmmmmmmm!

    Hope you and the hubby are having fun! Xxx

  4. Food looks so good, but thats too darn expensive for my cheap ass, I love hole in the wall burger restaraunts are the best. I think claires is too expensive for me I turn El cheapo with boot sales. cute leopard case and hair flowers will look good in your red hair.