Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Missy My Kissy

Missing my husband like mad.He had to go back to England to go on tour with Jerry Lee Lewis.Jerry had to cancel .So he is playing with Jerry's sister .They played Bethune France Saturday.They are in Germany now and play tonight and he will be back in England tomorrow.And hopefully Monday he will be back here.Took this kissy pic before he left.I love my kissy
*sigh* Nothing better than hubby kisses.
Stole this pic from the tour site.Hubby at sound check..:)


  1. YAY! Monday is not too far away.
    Cute kissy pic!

    P.s. I just went to post my comment and the word I am supposed to enter is SWOONI
    lol ahahaha

  2. that the secret word before posting?lol.We always take kissy pics.mostly in front of

  3. Love your sight. Just got here and instantly had to follow!

  4. Thank you helen.welcome to my little blog.xx

  5. thats sweet kissing in front of fountains, one more day to go Yoli.