Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Perfect Tea Cup Dream

Last night I dream't I had my own tea room,or tea house.People had reservations and everythig and I couldn't find a tea cup that was round and not mis shaped.I found one that was round and one perfect tea pot.All the others were flat or bent shaped.I was panicing in my dream cuz I wanted it perfect and people were showing up and complaining that it wasn't ready.I was looking in cupboards and drawers ad everything was mis shaped.Just been looking online for crazy tea cups and can't believe there are no images but one or two.Thought for sure there would be some mis shaped tea cups online.people make crazy pottery all the here are a few that I did find.This dream is stuck in my head this morning.Does it mean my life is a complete mess and I have to many high expectations?What kind of dreams did you have last night?
These are similar but in the dream they were
this was what I was looking for.but none were round


  1. all those tea sets are adorable.
    I esp. love the last rose tea cup set. I been wanting to have a tea party with Buddy. with all the works pastries, and lots of cream.

  2. *lol* what a strange dream. I don't know what I dreamt about cause I was so dang tired I crashed and then just woke up with no memories of lala land at all.

  3. I know.I always have crazy dreams.Ilove the tea set at the bottom also.