Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Is How I Spend My Weeknights

How do you spend your week nights?I spend it watching my favorite English soaps in my PJ's.I am an English Soap Junkie and proud of it.And since America doesn't have these shows I have to watch them online and I usually start watching around 10pm to give time for them to be posted on youtube if they haven't been caught for copyrights.Think it sucks when people spoil it for those who can't watch it where they live.My absolute favorite is Eastenders.I started watching in 1990 when married to husband #1 who was also English.I was browsing channels on tv and on PBS channel had it on and I stopped cuz of the accent.lol.The ex walked in the room and said thats eastenders it's our soap.Even though it was 3 years behind and still is to this day.On sundays at 11 pm I put PBS on and watch Eastenders.It's now on year 2003.What got me hooked isn't just the annoyig fighting and yelling and of course Bianca screaming Rickaaaaaaaay.lol.It was so different from american soaps.Actually outside and I know it's not real but I like the way things were set and I just loved it.Time moved on and I think I had quit watching for a bit and picked it back up when out BBC America channel used to show it on sundays at noon.then they stopped.Doesn't make sense that they did that cuz it's one of Englands top soaps.So hadto go back to PBS wich is hard to do sometimes.So many shows on sundays I ended up forgetting.Anyway Last year when I went to England to see my husbands family I was introduced to Coronation street and Emmerdale thanks to his mam and sister .Whe would sit in our PJ's with biscuits or cake with tea,my hubby on the floor with his newspaper complaining about the shows.lol.And also Neighbours which I can't seem to find on youtube for every day catch up.So right now I watch Eastenders,Corrie,and Emmerdale.And it is a nessecity to have my tea and cake.lol.Here are my cheesy pics from last nights enjoyment.What do you watch?
Gotta have Hello Kitty Pajamas on.lol.Weeee I get so excited when I see this
still a regular is Ian Beale he is a weasle,worm,and everytime he is on I want to jump through the screen and claw his eyes out.lol.
My favorites.Alfie is a sweetheart.Kat is a girl who takes no shit and has the coolest leopardprint clothes ect.Moe is my favorite as well always out to make a pound by schemeing.lol.And she will also tell you where to go.and Jean so sweet and loves to love.
The classiest lady on the Square Dot (cotton) now Branning.Always helping the community and a regular at the Queen Vic with her sherry drink.And (not one to Gossip)yeah right.but I love her to bits,her husband jim is as sweet as she is and miss him being on the show.
Not sure about you ladies but I love Vanessa,the high class clean freak,always wears white,with brown nailpolish.lol.big boufant hair and always sexy heels on.Nothing is ever out of place except her love life at the moment.I hope she gets to pay revenge to those brannings.Well thats Eastenders.Now for my ext favorite,
yay Coronation Street.Love this opening scene for the show.Especially the clothesline.
Owne and Anna.They like each other but I think Owen is up to something.He has a heart of stone and always hurts people.Anna better watch out.
Two bitches is all I can say.No wonder they are becomming friends.
My tea and whats left of my cake.lol.sorry about the mail in the back ground.i never open it.lol.
I love Emmerdale to bits.The opening credits used to make me so sad cuz it reminded me of where hubby lives and I want to live there so bad.But this show is the quiet show.It has it's drama but not crazy like eastenders.lol.Eastenders is the crazy soap.Corrie is the more funny soap.Emmerdale is the more mature soap.lol.
Charity the one in blue a scheming woman wanting it all and doesn't care who she walks on to get it.Her daughter Debbie.the one with the brains trying to keep peace in the family and also does't take crap from anyone.Sorry this is the only pic I got for characters my card ran out of room on my camera.lol.I know this has nothing to do with vintage but it's a cool thing I like so thought I would share it.

Love Yoli


  1. You look so pretty in your Hello Kitties! You are more English than i am, I don't watch any soaps. x

  2. lol.thanks.My mom thinks I am re encarnated from my great gran.She was english and I have wanted to live there my whole life.I love the shows there.And I miss the churchill adverts.OH Yesss.lol.he is so cute.

  3. I just started watching them again since Buddy plays his games when there on. I caught up a bit. love all you said all the gossip about each soap,lol
    I feel sorry for Vaness but dont really like her. Dot reminds me of Buddys nan.
    your hello kitty pjs are cute.