Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frock Friday part 2

Hooray finally got the pics to load.I also did another video.just basically describing my look.Like you can't already see.It;s funny.I kept losing the words I was trying to say.I will post it.My mom was my photographer and I am shocked they came out cuz she normally cuts my head off or something.Took a while cuz my dogs kept jumping in front and wanting the here is my first frock friday post.Enjoy.
My red highwaist pants from hubby.Vintage blouse from exchange factor in charleston south carolina.My mom said I look like my grandmother Yolanda in this photo.:)
Looking like a deer in
titus in the back laying there and jetta eating grass.And me smiling.ha ha

Rose from claires,vintage clip on earrings from hubby
rushed painted from my husbands sisters for my B day.They are from Matalan.


  1. Yoli, love this outfit so much.
    cute your red pants, esp. your shoes. I want them.earring are just darling.
    hope you keep posting outfits. what I always loves about las Carolinas is the grass is always bright ass green.
    great photos.

  2. Cute outfit!
    I like your shoes and hair flower.
    Your puppies are so cute.

  3. You look so adorable, your mum did a great job on the pictures.
    I'm looking forward to lots more cool outfit shots, now. x

  4. Looking beautiful Yoli! Red really suits you! That white fitted blouse is so little bo peep! I love your hair style! xxx