Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Family

Recieved an old photo of me and my dads side of the family.Can tell we are Italian by the gaudy it's pretty.In the photo is my dads cousin Gloria,my mom.(nice dorothy hamal cut).lol.Cousins son,my sister Alice and me on the floor.Lol.I love that couch and huge mirror.I don't remember this being taken at think it's the very early 80's


  1. I love photos! Even when they are of people I don't know. *seriously* I love to explore the photo. Look at their decor, curtains, wall color and furniture.

    This is a nice picture and I too love that big mirror and couch.
    You were real cute! Still are of course. =p

  2. I love loud Golden furniture!
    You still smile so cute.

  3. I was laughing I was pinup

  4. I'm gaudy but not Italian. Whats my excuse? Awesome couch. Following you now.