Friday, September 23, 2011

Thank God It's Frock Friday

Happy Frock Friday everyone.Here is my frock.My Freddies of Pinewood grey dungarees.I want them in all their styles.They are so comfy.I had to alter the bib loads since I have a short torso,The bib was up to my chin and the straps were super long they looked funny like that.I probably should have had the bib done a little higher cuz altering it sort of took away from the high waist.Oh well.Can't help I have a wierd size hair I curled with my hot sticks and touched up with my iron.Those hot sticks are tricky with stick straight hair.I'm used to my rollers.It was cloudy and rainy today so the curls were dropping.Thats ok don't want to look like a prom queen picking you like them anyway.Have a nice weekend everyone..xx

Love Yoli
dads tomato plants blocking the view,lol
Me and my dads tomato plants.Think they have given
my top I got at work.It has horses and pink roses.I thought it was so cute and would be cute with the dungarees or high waist jeans
My patent leather penny loafers from target.Love them and they are so comfy.


  1. Yoli,
    cute dungarees and horsey blouse. love your loafters I have some similar boat ones. loving how you went all farm girl on us, adore tomatoes plants.

  2. Oooh,I'm on the Freddies website constantly, yet I've never bought from them! I know, I'm crazy! The dungarees look sooo cute on you!! And the new page looks great! :)

  3. *LOL* At prom queen picking tomatoes!
    You look real cute in your horse top and Dungarees. I like the shoes too!
    I hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Thank you ladies.I am going to try to keep up my frock fridays.I had fun.I am also trying one last time to break the curse of the bettie

  5. You look absolutely beautiful, the print on that top is breathtakingly amazing. x