Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thats Strange

Been trying to catch up on my favorite blogs.Came across another one that went on invite only.Makes me sad,and wonder.I am always friendly and I love getting followers and comments.I think if I was going to do that I would just delete my blog.Oh well it's ones choice.Been one of those moody days today.I have been in my room all day with the door locked cuz everyone yells instead of speaking normal in this house.Not to mention instead of knocking on the door my mom just bardges in .Think I need a holiday.Hope everyone is having a nice saturday.xx

Love yoli


  1. I need a holiday too! *lol*
    I know the feeling of locking everyone out. Sometimes there is just those days where you want quiet (you) time and thats it.

  2. Yoli,
    I wouldnt worry about blogs too much, just do yo thang hookah.
    hope you can sort stuff out soon...I been dieing at somethings here too.