Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vanity Video

Today I did my first hair tutorial on youtube.How I layer my hair.I had more fun than I thought I would.I thought I was going to get the giggles or start stuttering.Or just keep messing I did it and I am looking forward to doing more.I took maybe 4 times doing it.Either forgot what I was going to say or felt dumb looking at for the frozen eyes closed need to work on editing,lighting,and putting some music on.Also the volume isn't that great.But I used my web cam which is built in my comp so I guess next time I need to adjust the volume on my comp.Well here is my Vanity debut.Enjoy.If you have any questions just ask.


  1. Its nice to hear your voice again.. miss you. cute pink Elvis top. your too adorable.
    I love the vid.
    Thanks Yoli. now lets see if I dont back out,lol

  2.'s funny hearing my voice,I love my elvis top.

  3. Fantastic tutorial! You explained this really well.
    I am going to try cutting my hair your way. I just gave my hair a trim a couple days ago but just took off a half inch or so. I wanted to do a bit more but was in a hurry.

    Thank you for the video =D
    Your haircut looks great

  4. Thanks everyone.I miss you two miss jaede.xx

  5. Hiya, VK! Sorry I'm behind in commenting. This was a brilliant tutorial and I loved hearing your cute accent. x