Monday, September 19, 2011

Yummy Cook Books

Yesterday at work it was slow so was browsing our books and found a this cute cook book.I love cook books so if I see one and everything looks yummy I usually get it.This on has the 40's and 50 illistrations and basic recipes.Only $5.99 and I can't wait to make something.Here is a looksy inside.
The cover is so cutesy.
I'm with this guy.I think i'm going to use this for the holidays.
Makes you want the holidays to hurry and get here.
Yummy.Just love the picutres.
 This one was for perfect fluffy rice.
Mmmmm pancakes.Love that kids face.Thats the look I make with
Mmmmm had to post a cake don't really do this anymore but here is a how too on lining your cake pans.Great idea.I forgot all about doing that .
Thought this looked yummy.Recipe for chocolate buttercreme icing.Look at her little frustrated face.too cute.
Pound cake recipe.I love pound cake with butter on it,with s cup of tea.
Recipe for puff pastry.yummm.Love her hair.
This pic makes me want to have a tea party.This page and pic says it love this book.Well thats bits of my cook book.Sorry for so many pics but there is so many great recipes and the pictures make it even more fun.Can't wait to get cooking.Have a nice day everyone.

Love Yoli


  1. What a sweet book, the photographs are just wonderful. x

  2. I love the vintage cute pics, mmm hope you make some cakes Yoli.

  3. What book is this from exactly? Are all of these pictures from the same place?