Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello everyone.Hope everyone had a great halloween with lots of tricks and treats.Here is what we got up to.
Me and my Devil spawn Max.My wig wasn't very cooperative that one side kept showing my year I will have to get a wig
Took me ages but finally convinced hubby to let me mutate his
Even Jetta dressed up.She is one hot dog.
My bloody nails.Even though me and hubby didn't go out I had fun dressing up this year.I never get to dress up.I am always working or I run out of time.We didn't have many kids come by cuz it started pouring rain.Oh well more candy for did you dress up as this year?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday Flea Market Finds

Yesterday hubby and I went to a different flea market.I had planned on antiquing but For some reason I got lazy and kind of didn't feel like doing anything.So we ended up just going to the one flea market and this is what I got.They didn't have very much like the one I normally go to.This one was people selling crappy junk that they probably got from somewhere unknown.There was an older couple toward the back with nice things but nothing that really caught my attention.So I bought 3 things from the $1.00 table and that was it.I think my hubby was in shock I didn't feel like buying.Lol.Anyway here is what I grabbed.
A little entertaining cook book.This one was written in Florence Sc.Which is about an hour from me.I love the real southern family recipes.Especially the
No explanation.Just deserts in this one are a must for me to try.Especially for the holidays.
My little black bag.Just one dollar.Gonna have to find a better place to take photos.the lighting in every room sucks.
A look inside.I think this was my favorite out of the everythig was a dollar.Can't beat that.Maybe next weekend I will be in a better shopping mood.Anyone ever have days like that?Just don't know what you want to look for?

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Helo everyone sorry I went quiet after my vanity post.Hubby arrived wednsday night so been running around in between working.I will post more of vanity rose soon.She is all dressed up hubby brought me all my goodies back from England.I think I am almost on a life supply of chocolate.Thought I would share some.
My son Max loves white chocolate buttons.Chips.No thier crisps.The ongoing arguement of what they are these are my favorite flavor always by these and a flake bar.Yummm cookies/biscuits for my tea.Another arguement we have but guess he wins this one cuz it says buscuits on the
The biggest bar I have ever
A gift from one of his sisters.
I was shocked this was what was inside.lolTwo layers of delisiousness.
First one I tried was the chocolate orange.It was so good.The top layer is almost gone couldn't stop eating love my hubby a bushell and a peck.xx

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Vintage Vanity part 1

Hi everyone.I finally picked up my Vanity today.Hubby arrived back from England last night and we went this morning to pick it up.I am so excited to have it finally.Here is a little video I did of her before I cleaned her up.Sorry it is sideways.I had to hold the camera the long way to get a full shot and when it loaded on the comp I couldn't find the rotate option.Lol.I am so in love with it.I sit here staring at it and I am still in shock that I own her.I think I am naming her rose.What do you ladies think?Hope you all enjoy her as much as I do.I have never seen anything so beautiful.I will do another video of her all

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Issues

Ok last night I was playing around my blog changing the looks of fonts and all.and wanted to add more photos and change the blog photo.It wont let me load any more photos.Was wondering if anyone is having this problem?I can post photos in my posts fine but I am trying to add photos on the right hand side of my blog and keep getting a message that I have exceeded space.I have deleted some thinking it would help and it still says it.It's it wont even let me change the blog pic.Waaaaah

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Party Time

Today has been a very stressful day.Full of family drama.And having that bull pucky around me when I am PMsing is the worst for the people around me.Being italian and a leo my eyes probably go red like a bull with steam coming out my tonight to shake the shit off me I am having a PMS party for myself.Here is what I hogged at Walmart.
Yep Party time.
I love the name of this wine.They must have had the idea just for days like this when we have them. I am mad at hubby for gigging all weekend and his phone battery died .And I am a worrier so I was flipping till he called.Lucky my mam in law called and we had a nice chat.It's funny he seems to get gigs when I PMS.Hmmm coincidence?lol.
To start the party wine with coconut cake.Pepperidge farms is the best damn cake.You can tell i'm moody I cursed alot what are your comfort foods during PMS?
Enjoyed watching An American in Paris at my party.With Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron.I love her dancing.Dancing is a great stress reliever it's the one thing you can do where you don't have to talk to people.Hope your all having a nice saturday.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Red Hair Envy

I am still trying to get my hair the perfect red.It's a giant pain in my backside.I had the perfect shade years ago when loreal made smoldering red.I got it at sallys and it was perfect and lasted forever and never faded.Thats almost impossible with red hair color.It fades quickly and you have to contantly refresh.Then they discontinued it once the high lift colors came out.Ughh the shades I have gone through to get this shade.Anyway the point of this post is I got to enjoy watching State Fair with Vivian Blaine and Dick Haymes.She has the perfect red hair in this movie and I was drooling.I wouldn't be surprised if it was smoldering red.Makes me wish I could go back in time and ask was a strawberry blonde so I guess this is the technocolor of strawberry blonde or I don't know.There are all sorts of terms for the blonde shades.A red head is a red
Looks dark in this pic but still gorgeous.
This is how I see is so adorable.Look at her shoes.drool.
Vivian as Miss Adelaide from Guys and Dolls.
Ok enough Vivian eye candy.Here is a scene from the movie.This is the haircolor that made me screetch.It is what I live for.Vivians hair color here looks exactly like Smoldering red That I used to use.Why oh why did loreal discontinue it?I use a new one from loreal but it fades in a week,unlike when they made the smoldering red it never faded.I will get it one day.Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My New Collection

Hubby sent me Ebay wins I was eye balling.I'm so excited.I collect lipstick holders of all kinds.I intend to have a shelf or cabinet to display them in.And of corse be filled with my lips sticks.I have loads.lolAnd since they are all busrting my make up bags what better way to keep track of what I have then put them in these lovely things.
This lovely lady.Even Mr Frankie liked her.
Love all the detail in her dress.She was made by CMI Inc.Chadwick Japan.
This cute Poodle.It is huge and bigger than my
The back.I just love poodles.Made in Japan
I thought this goddess was cool.She is made of paper mache.
Her hair reminds me of goldie was made by I.W.Rice and co. from Japan..Can't wait to add more to my collection.What are some of your collections of all your vintage finds?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loafing Around Sunday

Today my Sunday has been spent loafing around,playing Sims,Zombie Lane and Bullshitting with Dora on Facebook.Dora has me saying bullshitting had to drag ass to Walmart to take Max's halloween costume back.He got this gorilla costume and when we got home it looked nothing like the photo on the package and only covered the face.He wanted one that covers the whole head.The main reason I returned it is because it smelled really strong like spray paint or some kind of plastic maybe from the stuff it's made of.Cheap shit.So got my money back and he got  this.And some halloween make up.
ha ha you can see my chin and lips.I dont know how he can breathe.I couldn't
Damn forgot to grab another bag of candy corn in walmart.This is all thats left from Fridays bag.
See loafing Sunday no make up on ad my hair a think I have enough candy corn to go round.Who wants some?
A great start to my Sunday was Audrey Hepburn in Love In The Afternoon.I watched this before going to Walmart*hell*
Watched this when I got back.Turner Classic movie channel is the best.I live on this channel.Now I am watching Beach Blanket Bingo.What did you do for your Sunday?

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Frock Friday

Ok here is tonights Frock for Friday.Ran around all day so just threw on my poodle cardi and pulled my hair up.Decided the bobby soxer look should do since I didnt have a chance to work my hair.Hope you all like it. my hair I curled in last night in pink and green sponge rollers.And since I didnt have time today it's just a high ponytail with a white rbbon around it.Can't see it much in the dark.:(
Strike a
Poodleicious.The poodles are angora fur also the angora trim is around the color and the wrists.It's so comfy and it's one of my faves.Happy Frock Friday

So Excited

Well it's friday and pay day.So since I was off I decided to go to my favorite antique store.This is the one I found my vanity in.So I decided I would check to see if it was still there.I have been obsessing over this vanity for over 3 months.I know it's crazy but I really wanted it.It's from 1920 and it's not one of those giant bulky ones .Now I like the bulky ones but I dont have the room but this one is small with beautiful detail on it and the mirror is amazing.When I first found it it was $375.00.with 20% off tag.So I kind of sulked a while.and hoped it would always be there for later.Well today I decided to check and maybe just by myself something cuz it's been a while.I went upstairs and my heart started racing.I was hoping it was there.And they had moved everything around again and I didnt see it and went nto panic and dissapointment mode that I didn't get it.So I saw this green 50's table with matching chairs and got excited cuz I had the same exact table but no chairs.I turned around to leave and ask about just buying the chairs and there it was.My vanity was still there,I felt like the grinch when his heart grew big when he got the christmas spirit.Ad then saw that they reduced it to $200.00.Now the guy who works there knows how much I loved this vanity so I told him I wanted it and I went and cashed my pay check.On my way back to the antique store i was having the quilty thoughts cuz I was about to give 200 away and thats all I had and I knew i would be in trouble.So when I got there I asked if there was a way I could put a deposit down and pay the rest next friday cuz I get payed again from job #2.He said that was I put a 100 dollar deposit on it and  am excited to annonce that next friday I will be the new owner of that 1920 vanity.They are going to deliver it but I will stop by and tae pics of her beauty.I am so excited I can't think.So now off to do my fashtitute frock friday pics.Hope everyone is having a nice friday.What has been your must have obsession antique item?
This one is very similar to mine but mine has a more detailed mirror.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frankie My Dears

Here are my pics of my Frankenstien nails.I thought it was so cute me and Dora thought of the same we had a twin moment.She is my mexi sister and we do that every once in a these pics are horrible.Nikon cameras are supposed to be good but I don't know how to set it for close ups.Will have to have hubby fix it eventually.
Polishes: Strong adhesion clear base coat.Cha Cha Cha by china glaze.*green*.Glacier by china glaze *sparkly* sally girl black for the hair and stitch and webs.White stripe rite for eyes and webs.Red stripe rite for stitch.

First I used my clear coat.

During my excitment of doing Mr Frankie,I forgot to take pics of the cha cha cha green and each process.So I will write each step.After the green dried I used the black and painted the tip of my nail and then used a toothpick and dabbed some from the brush and scribbled the I used the white stripe rite to do eyes and then small dab of black in the midle.Then again used the tooth pick to make his stitch mouth.Then the red stripe right to high light his stich mouth.While Mr Frankie is cute I think he looks like a pickle with hair.hee hee.

After doing Mr.Frankie/Pickle.I went over the other green nails with Glacier by china glaze.This is a very pretty glittery polish.Looks so pretty by itself too.When that dried I took the toothpick and dipped it in black and make my black webs.Then took the white stripe rite and highlighted the web.
On my right hand I did Mrs.Frankie/ sure is hard trying to use the camera with my left hand.Wish it was clearer so you can see her stripes in her hair.Mr.Frankie and Mrs.Frankie Pickle say hello to Doras Frankies.We want to break out the margaritas and salsa and chips and have a party.xx
Here is a much clearer pic of Mr Frankie
And one of Mrs.Frankie who looks like she has a red nose and Vain Glory Sinner for the camera tips it has helped..xx