Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frankie My Dears

Here are my pics of my Frankenstien nails.I thought it was so cute me and Dora thought of the same we had a twin moment.She is my mexi sister and we do that every once in a these pics are horrible.Nikon cameras are supposed to be good but I don't know how to set it for close ups.Will have to have hubby fix it eventually.
Polishes: Strong adhesion clear base coat.Cha Cha Cha by china glaze.*green*.Glacier by china glaze *sparkly* sally girl black for the hair and stitch and webs.White stripe rite for eyes and webs.Red stripe rite for stitch.

First I used my clear coat.

During my excitment of doing Mr Frankie,I forgot to take pics of the cha cha cha green and each process.So I will write each step.After the green dried I used the black and painted the tip of my nail and then used a toothpick and dabbed some from the brush and scribbled the I used the white stripe rite to do eyes and then small dab of black in the midle.Then again used the tooth pick to make his stitch mouth.Then the red stripe right to high light his stich mouth.While Mr Frankie is cute I think he looks like a pickle with hair.hee hee.

After doing Mr.Frankie/Pickle.I went over the other green nails with Glacier by china glaze.This is a very pretty glittery polish.Looks so pretty by itself too.When that dried I took the toothpick and dipped it in black and make my black webs.Then took the white stripe rite and highlighted the web.
On my right hand I did Mrs.Frankie/ sure is hard trying to use the camera with my left hand.Wish it was clearer so you can see her stripes in her hair.Mr.Frankie and Mrs.Frankie Pickle say hello to Doras Frankies.We want to break out the margaritas and salsa and chips and have a party.xx
Here is a much clearer pic of Mr Frankie
And one of Mrs.Frankie who looks like she has a red nose and Vain Glory Sinner for the camera tips it has helped..xx


  1. WOW! I love that Frankenstien nail! His googley eyes are so adorable. The spider web is awesome too!

    If you have the Macro setting on your camera which looks like a flower make sure it's selected. That's the setting for taking close up pictures. xxx

  2. thanks.As normal while trying to take pics I smudged a couple.I hate that.I will try the flower setting on my cam.I have it set on museum cuz it shuts the flash off but they always blurr with museum setting.

  3. I love that cha cha green, yours look better than mine. I love the stripes on her hair.
    Mmm margaritas..havent one in awhile.
    My frankies want come over and play.
    You should try all the setting, do u have the manual for the camera?

  4. hahah very cute nail idea. *OH I MEAN SPOOKY*

    *mMmM* I could eat pickles by the jar.

  5. Awesome! Between you and Dora you've converted me to nail art, just wish mine were long enough. xxx