Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loafing Around Sunday

Today my Sunday has been spent loafing around,playing Sims,Zombie Lane and Bullshitting with Dora on Facebook.Dora has me saying bullshitting had to drag ass to Walmart to take Max's halloween costume back.He got this gorilla costume and when we got home it looked nothing like the photo on the package and only covered the face.He wanted one that covers the whole head.The main reason I returned it is because it smelled really strong like spray paint or some kind of plastic maybe from the stuff it's made of.Cheap shit.So got my money back and he got  this.And some halloween make up.
ha ha you can see my chin and lips.I dont know how he can breathe.I couldn't
Damn forgot to grab another bag of candy corn in walmart.This is all thats left from Fridays bag.
See loafing Sunday no make up on ad my hair a think I have enough candy corn to go round.Who wants some?
A great start to my Sunday was Audrey Hepburn in Love In The Afternoon.I watched this before going to Walmart*hell*
Watched this when I got back.Turner Classic movie channel is the best.I live on this channel.Now I am watching Beach Blanket Bingo.What did you do for your Sunday?


  1. Hahaayy bullshitting is what I do for a living,lol
    glad you sorted Max's lethal costome.
    I dont have that channel plus Buddy sleeps while my oldy movies are on. I still need my candy corn fix. you look cute.

  2. Yeah I told them they need to check them.That smell was worse than nail polish.I will send you candy corn.I have searched high and low for the halloween peeps.Can't find them.usually they have the pumpkins and ghosts.

  3. Bullshitting is such a great term, i use it alot too - many because i work with some real bullshitters - lol.

    The joys of halloween :o) Scarlett x

  4. It is a good wordI hadnt used it in a long time till dora said am ready for halloween.Hope I am not working so I can go out.