Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Candy Corn Nails

Yes I said candy corn love candy corn and It sounds silly but I always thought they looked like a nail.They arent completey triangle shaped they have a slight rounded don;'t know why but I tend to inspect them when I eat I never eat it whole.I bite them each color at a time.And So far I have gone through two bags in two weeks.And I thought it would be cute to do my nails like candy corns for this month since it's Halloween month.So here is what I did.
What I used: China Glaze strong adhesion base coat.China Glaze solar power.L.A.Colors orange,and Stripe Rite white.Sorry about the messy yellow bottle.My little black polish broke and I guess it dried up all over

1.First I applied my clear coat to my nails.
2.After the clear coat was dry I made one stripe of China Glaze solar power(the Yellow) at the bottom of my nail.
3.When the yellow dried I used the L.A. Colors orange.I did a stripe above the yellow stripe.
4.Now I thought I had a plain white polish but  didn't so I used my nail art stripe right white.It did ok but it was gummy so I had to ad remover to it so it would paint evenly.I applied the white above the orange stripe on the tip of the nail.
5.When dried I repeated the steps with each color (basically two coats of each color)When it's dry ad one last coat of clear.
Ta Da.Candy Corn Nails.
My little I want candy corns.
I will re do this one with a step by step guide to see .Though it isnt hard.I just wasnt pleased how the white looked so I will buy a regular white polish friday and re do.I will also use nail forms.I did it free hand and it was easy but the forms will work better for each color to be applied ad I am picky and hate when i get un even everyone is having a nice weekend.It's 68 degrees in the dirty


  1. OMG!! I love your nails, I need some of your polish. I will make Buddy buy candy corn tomorrow. I miss peeps.

  2. Thanks.I will have pete send your stuff before he comes back here.I have been looking for peeps for you.Normally they have the pumpkin ones at halloween.I got the la gear at family dollar for 1.00 last .lol.

  3. Haha, cute! Candy corn is one of my all time favorite candies!

  4. Whats candy corn?? Lollies made to look like corn??

  5. Awww your nails are so sweet. *Literally*

    I have beeen trying to comment on this post since yesterday. My comments just keep dissapearing in thin air. =(