Friday, October 14, 2011

My Frock Friday

Ok here is tonights Frock for Friday.Ran around all day so just threw on my poodle cardi and pulled my hair up.Decided the bobby soxer look should do since I didnt have a chance to work my hair.Hope you all like it. my hair I curled in last night in pink and green sponge rollers.And since I didnt have time today it's just a high ponytail with a white rbbon around it.Can't see it much in the dark.:(
Strike a
Poodleicious.The poodles are angora fur also the angora trim is around the color and the wrists.It's so comfy and it's one of my faves.Happy Frock Friday


  1. I like your hair (I need me some more ribbons since I like prom queen curls) *heheh*
    Your sweater is so cute. The even better fact is the poodles are even furry! =D

  2. Yoli,
    I want that poodle sweater! I thought I was in the wrong blog. you look like a little girl, so cute.

  3. Thanks guys.@ dora i know.everytime I wear a ponytail I look 16 or something thats why I dont do it I was

  4. Aaayyy you're so frickin cute I want to put you in my pocket and take you home! That poodle doodle doo is super cute!

    Sarah xxx

  5. You do look adorable! Love the poodle sweater and bobby sox. xxx

  6. A poodle sweater!?! Oh my where on earth did you find that gem! You know Ima sucker for poodles! So pretty!