Friday, October 7, 2011

My Frocking Friday

Hello everyone.Here is my frocking friday outfit.With my 30's hair.hee hee.The sun was bright so I was squinty in my pics.Oh and you get to see my olive oyle stick dads side of the family all the ladies have stick legs and skinny ankles.Thanks everyone had a nice day.Can't believe it's friday already.
Head to toe.:)
Sun in my eyes.Squintting
Trying to get away from the sun.Don't you love my candy corn nails?lol.I will post those tomorrow.
My fishnets seamed stockings.First time wearing them.I love them loads.
My favorite shoes from matalan.


  1. Yoli,
    I love your 30's look! and your legs look great.
    love your outfit and shoes. You should wear more skirts and frocks for us. candy corn nails make me scream, and crave Halloween candy.
    miss you hooka!

  2. Thank you.I will try.Takes me forever to wear skirts cuz I hate my legs.Cant tell but I have knobby knees will post my candy corn nails tomorrow.

  3. I love your hair like that Yoli, it looks very good on you.
    And your legs look nice, much better than Olive Oyle's hehehe
    VERY CUTE OUTFIT and I love your fishnets and heels.

  4. You look amazing! I love your hair adn your elegant outfit. Your legs are perfect. x

  5. Your hair looks amazing! Love those stockings too! And the shoooooooes!!! :)

  6. Omg you look gorgeous! I'd love love love to be able to pull that look off! I adore all vintage things too. I love your tights they are immense! Great blog! I think you would like mine Lovely post :-)

  7. Your hair is perfection! Gorgeous! Did you pin-curl it? Whenever I decide to pin curl my hair, I have to set aside at least 2 or more hours to do it - once the pins are in though it feels like such an accomplishment.

  8. Very cute! I would have thrown on some shades but that might have messed up the look hehe. Your skinny legs are pretty! I could think of worse things I got from my dad's family hehe.

  9. @miss vintage:I used sponge rollers the green and yellow ones.I havent done pin curls in a very long time.I am getting
    @lasophia:I always forget my

  10. You look super gorgeous from head to toe - your hair is FAB, your outfit divine and your shoes are SEXY!

    Sarah xxx