Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My New Collection

Hubby sent me Ebay wins I was eye balling.I'm so excited.I collect lipstick holders of all kinds.I intend to have a shelf or cabinet to display them in.And of corse be filled with my lips sticks.I have loads.lolAnd since they are all busrting my make up bags what better way to keep track of what I have then put them in these lovely things.
This lovely lady.Even Mr Frankie liked her.
Love all the detail in her dress.She was made by CMI Inc.Chadwick Japan.
This cute Poodle.It is huge and bigger than my hand.lol.
The back.I just love poodles.Made in Japan
I thought this goddess was cool.She is made of paper mache.
Her hair reminds me of goldie locks.lol.This was made by I.W.Rice and co. from Japan..Can't wait to add more to my collection.What are some of your collections of all your vintage finds?


  1. OMG! What a lovely hubby! These are so lovely! I love the poodle one so much! I like finding pretty china ornaments like cups and small planters for holding my makeup brushes but I have never come across a lipstick holder like these beauties! Great finds! xxx

  2. Pretties! That poodle one is my favourite, I have a weakness of poodle ornaments. x

  3. I love finding these sorts of things too.I want curio cabinets full of them.I collect cardinals too.and I hope no one takes it the wrong way but I love mammie dolls.I have a small collection of those too.They just remind me of cooking and baking.

  4. Ooohh someone is spoiled *wink*
    Such cute lippy holders. They are all lovely but that poodle is just freaking adorable.
    I love it's jewelled eyes.
    I am waiting patiently for your vanity post. *LOL* I am still on my search and in the past couple days two were listed on a classified site.. BUT GOD they were a bit too far to travel to actually purchase them. *UHGGG*

  5. Those are really fun! I've never noticed figurine lipstick holders before, what a neat idea. They just had better ideas, back then, didn't they?

  6. I will post my vanity soon.I can't wait till friday.I wont be able to contain myself.lol.@collectorator I agree they did make things better back then.I am always amazed with the detail of things especially furniture.Reall good wood and hand crafted and sturdy pieces that last eternity if taken care of.

  7. Yoli,
    I love your cute lipsticks holders!
    You know i love the lady lipstick holder been wanting one of those for the longest always look for them at the boot sales and get outbidded on ebay.
    Mr. Frankie has lasted on your nails.

  8. Hello I cant remember if I've commented on your blog before. The goddess lipstick holder is so sweet. I've seen plenty of lipstick holders on ebay, what a fun thing to collect.