Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Vintage Vanity part 1

Hi everyone.I finally picked up my Vanity today.Hubby arrived back from England last night and we went this morning to pick it up.I am so excited to have it finally.Here is a little video I did of her before I cleaned her up.Sorry it is sideways.I had to hold the camera the long way to get a full shot and when it loaded on the comp I couldn't find the rotate option.Lol.I am so in love with it.I sit here staring at it and I am still in shock that I own her.I think I am naming her rose.What do you ladies think?Hope you all enjoy her as much as I do.I have never seen anything so beautiful.I will do another video of her all


  1. She is super gorgeous, one of a kind. Rose is a perfect name for her.she is in great condition. love the little vanity area.
    miss ya biatch!

  2. "Congrats" *Throws confetti for you and rose*
    Rose is a absolute dream, gosh she is gorgeous.
    I will be just like you when I find mine. It seems to be taking ages and I think about it constantly. My Guy just says "Patience patience you will find it soon, good things come to those who wait." *lol* I don't know if thats supposed to help or what?!! *Hahahah*

    Now is the dark mark maybe a burn to the varnish? Or some sort of liquid stain?

    If it were mine I would not worry about it much I would probably place a cute doilie in that area and put whatever you were planning on putting there on top the doilie. (To protect from scratches and scuffs)

    I can't wait to see her all decorated up. *Eeeeak* I don't know if I have ever been so excited over someone else getting a piece of furniture as I am for you. *hahah*

    And your Hubby's back? *WOOOO* You must be having an all around fantastic day!

  3. Thanks ladies.I can't stop staring at has been cleaned up and is nice and shiney.That black mark looks like an ink bottle stain or something.I'm not worried about it much.I dont really notice it unless I stare at mom just told me she has an aunt rose and she also ran an antique store for a long time.Thought that was cool.I will post a video tomorrow.I am trying to get the matching dresser that goes with it.So hope it's there a while longer so I can get it.I had a great day today with hubby.xx

  4. Ohh so pretty I love the mirror! Lucky girl! Rose is a beautiful name. I lined my drawers with pretty paper too and after a while the static kinda holds it down. :)

  5. It's gorgeous! I have got a dressing table and I cannot tell you the pleasure it brings to sit at it and get ready, especially when I am going out on a date with my husband. x

  6. SO GORGEOUS!!! I love it! I used to have a 1930's vanity with bakelite drawer was beautiful......