Saturday, October 22, 2011

Party Time

Today has been a very stressful day.Full of family drama.And having that bull pucky around me when I am PMsing is the worst for the people around me.Being italian and a leo my eyes probably go red like a bull with steam coming out my tonight to shake the shit off me I am having a PMS party for myself.Here is what I hogged at Walmart.
Yep Party time.
I love the name of this wine.They must have had the idea just for days like this when we have them. I am mad at hubby for gigging all weekend and his phone battery died .And I am a worrier so I was flipping till he called.Lucky my mam in law called and we had a nice chat.It's funny he seems to get gigs when I PMS.Hmmm coincidence?lol.
To start the party wine with coconut cake.Pepperidge farms is the best damn cake.You can tell i'm moody I cursed alot what are your comfort foods during PMS?
Enjoyed watching An American in Paris at my party.With Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron.I love her dancing.Dancing is a great stress reliever it's the one thing you can do where you don't have to talk to people.Hope your all having a nice saturday.


  1. *Look at those goodies* If I didn't live so far away I would invite myself over! We could do our nails and b*!# about cramps! (*AHAHAH*)"Going through the same thing as you right now." BLAH!!
    You know... I am kinda there anyways... COCONUT CAKE!!!!! *Giggles*

    That wine looks great haha what a cute label.

    My comfort food is weird but if you really want to know I will share.
    * Salt & Vinegar or Ketchup or Jalepeno chips
    * Pepperoni & Cheese
    * Pickles (mmmm)
    * Olives (Sometimes I cheer myself up by going to the grocery store.. buying myself a can and eating them with a little vintage fork.) AHAHAH
    "I cannot imagine what I will be like when pregnant" Probably sit on the floor of a grocery store with a shish kabob stick and a jar of Mammoth green olives. =D
    * Sometimes Chocolate

  2. I love the same things.Especially olives.I went specifically for the wine but said I need that and that and wine is delish.

  3. Mad Houewife wine looks brilliant, I want some (but not now as I'm hungover).
    My favourite comfort foods are olives, cheese, hummus and carrot sticks, tortilla chips and jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese...mmmmm! x

  4. I love cool ranch Doritos, they have a new jalapeno flavor here.. need to try it. that wine sounds tempting and such cute packaging.OMG peeps! that pimms choc biscuits look good.
    Glad your better now.

  5. Wine makes everything better! Oh, and cake doesn't hurt either - I personally seem to crave candy on good days as well as bad :)

  6. Girl I know just how you feel. My pms party is currently involving Munchies, chocolate and grape soda. That coconut cake looks so good I'm going to have to try it!

  7. Hope you solved your blogging drama. We've all had our share. I'm just waiting for the day when picasa tells me ive exceeded my storage limit. Have u had red cat wine? Only if u like sweet wine. It's my fave.

  8. Havent tried the red cat wine.sounds goodI have also been wanting to try the skinny girl margarita.