Thursday, October 20, 2011

Red Hair Envy

I am still trying to get my hair the perfect red.It's a giant pain in my backside.I had the perfect shade years ago when loreal made smoldering red.I got it at sallys and it was perfect and lasted forever and never faded.Thats almost impossible with red hair color.It fades quickly and you have to contantly refresh.Then they discontinued it once the high lift colors came out.Ughh the shades I have gone through to get this shade.Anyway the point of this post is I got to enjoy watching State Fair with Vivian Blaine and Dick Haymes.She has the perfect red hair in this movie and I was drooling.I wouldn't be surprised if it was smoldering red.Makes me wish I could go back in time and ask was a strawberry blonde so I guess this is the technocolor of strawberry blonde or I don't know.There are all sorts of terms for the blonde shades.A red head is a red
Looks dark in this pic but still gorgeous.
This is how I see is so adorable.Look at her shoes.drool.
Vivian as Miss Adelaide from Guys and Dolls.
Ok enough Vivian eye candy.Here is a scene from the movie.This is the haircolor that made me screetch.It is what I live for.Vivians hair color here looks exactly like Smoldering red That I used to use.Why oh why did loreal discontinue it?I use a new one from loreal but it fades in a week,unlike when they made the smoldering red it never faded.I will get it one day.Have a nice day everyone.


  1. Argh,always when you find the perfect whatever,it gets discontinued! I use henna myself,and am quite happy with the colour I get,but of course you can't get a real RED red with it.....o,that old style hair!SO beautiful! XXX

  2. I know.It a pain.I went back to blue black but the grey hair is everywhere and you could see it a at least the red hides the grey alot't win.The red I use now looks like the video but only the first

  3. Yoli,
    I loved that red on you, is there a similar one in another brand?

  4. All the ones look at seem to have dark bases and
    end up going dark.I will find it eventually.

  5. Thanks for the hair inspiration! Although red is not the color for me I've been struggling to show my hairdresser how I want my hair to be style wise on the side and the back and voila there your blog is with the video evidence! Thanks so much! I hope you find the perfect red. It's always so baffling as obviously they MADE this color before why can't they still make it? Have a great weekend!

  6. I dyed my hair with a Loreal intense red for a couple years and loved it. But it always faded way too fast for my liking. Finally I gave up and started going black. (Which I have to re-do this week.) The last time I dyed it was in Jan....

    I hope you find your perfect color. Until then your hair color still looks great. (So no worries)

  7. Thanks ladies.It's definately time for me to do my new growth.That means sally shopping

  8. I used to use Smoldering Red too and loved it. Still in search of a color that works as well. Hope to hear from you soon if you do