Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday Flea Market Finds

Yesterday hubby and I went to a different flea market.I had planned on antiquing but For some reason I got lazy and kind of didn't feel like doing anything.So we ended up just going to the one flea market and this is what I got.They didn't have very much like the one I normally go to.This one was people selling crappy junk that they probably got from somewhere unknown.There was an older couple toward the back with nice things but nothing that really caught my attention.So I bought 3 things from the $1.00 table and that was it.I think my hubby was in shock I didn't feel like buying.Lol.Anyway here is what I grabbed.
A little entertaining cook book.This one was written in Florence Sc.Which is about an hour from me.I love the real southern family recipes.Especially the
No explanation.Just deserts in this one are a must for me to try.Especially for the holidays.
My little black bag.Just one dollar.Gonna have to find a better place to take photos.the lighting in every room sucks.
A look inside.I think this was my favorite out of the everythig was a dollar.Can't beat that.Maybe next weekend I will be in a better shopping mood.Anyone ever have days like that?Just don't know what you want to look for?


  1. It's very rare.. I feel like I don't want to shop! lol But I do have those days also. Yesterday and Today were not one of them. *ahaha*
    You probably just wanted to spend time with your man and that makes complete sense! You will have plenty of time to buy goodies in the future.

    That purse is so cute and I can never pass up cute cookbooks.

  2. That bag is lovely, what a find! I have many days when I'm not interested in shopping. It's nice to take a few days to sign over our latest finds. x

  3. Oooo more cook books,love everything! especially the bag for a dollar.