Friday, October 14, 2011

So Excited

Well it's friday and pay day.So since I was off I decided to go to my favorite antique store.This is the one I found my vanity in.So I decided I would check to see if it was still there.I have been obsessing over this vanity for over 3 months.I know it's crazy but I really wanted it.It's from 1920 and it's not one of those giant bulky ones .Now I like the bulky ones but I dont have the room but this one is small with beautiful detail on it and the mirror is amazing.When I first found it it was $375.00.with 20% off tag.So I kind of sulked a while.and hoped it would always be there for later.Well today I decided to check and maybe just by myself something cuz it's been a while.I went upstairs and my heart started racing.I was hoping it was there.And they had moved everything around again and I didnt see it and went nto panic and dissapointment mode that I didn't get it.So I saw this green 50's table with matching chairs and got excited cuz I had the same exact table but no chairs.I turned around to leave and ask about just buying the chairs and there it was.My vanity was still there,I felt like the grinch when his heart grew big when he got the christmas spirit.Ad then saw that they reduced it to $200.00.Now the guy who works there knows how much I loved this vanity so I told him I wanted it and I went and cashed my pay check.On my way back to the antique store i was having the quilty thoughts cuz I was about to give 200 away and thats all I had and I knew i would be in trouble.So when I got there I asked if there was a way I could put a deposit down and pay the rest next friday cuz I get payed again from job #2.He said that was I put a 100 dollar deposit on it and  am excited to annonce that next friday I will be the new owner of that 1920 vanity.They are going to deliver it but I will stop by and tae pics of her beauty.I am so excited I can't think.So now off to do my fashtitute frock friday pics.Hope everyone is having a nice friday.What has been your must have obsession antique item?
This one is very similar to mine but mine has a more detailed mirror.


  1. Oh how exciting!!!

    Getting a new vanity and adorning it with beautiful things is one of most exciting things. A girl is not complete without her beautifying area!

    That vanity is so quaint and pretty, I absolutely love the little drawers on top! Perfect for stashing away makeup!

    I'm looking forward to pictures of your little beauty! xxx

  2. Hurrah for Fridays,paydays and fabulosu new vanitys!!! So excited for you!!! We'll be expecting loads of fashtitute posing with it!!! Well done for hanging in there,it was clearly meant for you!XXX

  3. oh wow, that a cute vanity Yoli.
    cant wait to see her. looking foward to fashtitude fotos.

  4. OHHHHH!I can feel your excitement because I am on the same search. (And just got more money today to go towards it.) I seriously sit and think about how I am going to decorate mine what I am gonna put where and EVERYTHING. (I am sure you probably have done the same.) *hehehh* I need to take measurements of what I can fit because I am wanting a bulky one but still need room to move around my bedroom. ahahah So I might have to go with one less dramatic. (Until I get a new place) Bhwhahah

    yay yay yay *Vanity dance* Can't wait to see yours Congrats Yoli

  5. I do plan in my head where everything goes and i have been buying from this shop and ebay and flea markets all the cute things.The mirror also comes off which is good cuz it will be easy to move.The rest is super heavy he said.I told my hubby if I ever move to england it is being shipped I don't give a crap.I will have it shakled to my ankle and drag

  6. LOL shackled to your ankle. *hahah*

    I just purchased a light for mine off E-bay I will blog about it soon. A cute little lamp for my Non existent vanity.. I buy things alot for stuff I don't even have yet.. (Kids, Vanities.. WHATS NEXT??)

  7. It's gorgeous and clearly meant to be yours.
    Looking forward to some glamour photos of your in front of it. x