Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Thrifty Finds

(feel bad I stole this pic off yahoo but it's me and hubby every day and it was funny)
Yesterday both jobs didn't need me so after being in the house all day I told hubby we needed to get out.I think he is getting bored here.I am either working or when i'm not we are broke.I had $20.00 to spend and I think my pocket was going to catch fire if I didn' we went into the salvation Army and at first I didn't find anything.The store here is kind of slummy.When you go in it almost looks like they are closing down cuz it's not full.I think cuz of it's location maybe if they sold to much they would get burgled.Anyway I kept looking.for about 15 min.Then hubby ran up and said hurry up it started laughing.He doesn't like that old smell I guess.And the way he said it with his English accent made it even funnier.I was trying to hold my laughter cuz it turned into a laughing attack.So I gave him the jeep keys and told him to go out and have a cigarette cuz I don't rush when I browse or shop.
So once I stopped giggling and got back to looking when hubby left I found all this wonderful stuff.
First I found these wonderful penny loafers.I have been looking for some for years and they are hard to find these days.I got these for $4.99.I was so excited they were my size.
Hubby put his pennies in them since he can't use them in
By GH Bass and Co.According to hubby this brand is very expensive.
With a little polish they will be hot sexy.
Next I went to the skirts.I had to find a plaid skirt for my loafers.And I got lucky again for $3.99.

I love this style plaid and the pleats are amazig.This is the same kind my gran always wore.I thought of her while picking it up and holding it in my hands.She would have loved this.She wore plaid skirts and penny loafers all the time.
Next I spotted this grey plaid style pencil skirt.It is the cutest thing.Also $3.99
Love the pattern especially the pink.It also has a slit in the back.
Next I spotted this lovely hawaiian print pencil skirt.It is much prettier in person.All I could think of was pool party at VLV next year.This was also $3.99.I believe thats what the price is for skirts and tops.
Close up of the print.can't wait to wear it while drinking a hawaiian martini.
And finally I got this little pink sweater.I think it will be cute with the grey plaid pencil skirt.It got wrinkled from being in the bag.This was also 3.99.Sorry about the door't wait to wear these.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Shimmer

Hello everyone.Again sorry for slacking on my posting.I seem to end up working on weekends so can't get my Fashtitute Frock Fridays up.I am excited I now have reached 50 blog followers.Welcome all my new followers and thanks so much for sticking around.So I am planning a give away soon.It will be my very first one so I will keep you all posted.So tonight I have just finished my nails.It was time to remove the pretty blue I have been wearing ages.It didn't even wear off the tips of my nails.Lol.Talk about long wear nail polish.Anyway I wanted to do something shimmery for the holidays.It's that time of year where we love to shimmer and shine.So here is what I did.Also my how to on how I do my vintage manicure look.And it's very easy.Here is what I did.
I used China Glaze strong adhesion base coat.China Glaze in salsa.Sorry about the black mess on the bottle.I had a small bottle of black polish in my box of polishes that broke all over and dried before I knew it had the gold by Orly in glitz and glamour.Those little things under the bottles are my secret for my vintage manicure look.As sometimes I get lazy these little things work very well for the clean moon shape.All they are is reinforcement labels when your paper rips where the holes are.You can get them at an office supply store or stationary section.So lets get started.
First one coat of clear polish.Make sure you let it completly dry.
Place the forms at the bottom of your nail where the natural moon shape starts.You can go high or low with this.What ever you prefer.Make sure to press them down.I used my nail to trace the cuticle area to make sure there were no open spots.Once they are in place you can go ahead with your red polish.don't worry if you paint the label or form.repeat on other hand.I used two coats of red.But it's up to you.Let dry.
When ther red is dry,paint one thin coat of your gold color.You can also use silver.I think that would be pretty too.
It's very important to let your nails to completly dry before removing the forms.This keeps you from peeling your beautiful poilsh off with the form.So when they are dry remove the form by removing it side ways and down.Once the forms are removed paint one coat of clear to seal it and give it a pretty shine.You can clean the edges of excess off the skin with a q tip and polish remover and do a quick clean up.
Tada.Gorgeous holiday shimmer.
my little powder puff.hee hee.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.Hope everyone had a nice day with family and friends and had loads of good yummies.This year hubby was here and this was his first Thanksgiving.Since it's not celebrated in England he had a nice treat of a giant plate full of food.He is always commenting how america makes big meals compared to England.I think it's funny when he says he is full and I end up eating way more than him .Where it goes I have no is what we had.I am so full but can't quit
The turkey before we tore it sweet potato caserole.stuffing,giant bowl of made the mashed potatoes.

Tried to get a full pic but the table is so big it was hard.
Hubby with his beer and plate full.Jetta is in
Hubbys plate of yummy.My plate of yummy.My turkey got burried under my
Clearing the table someone wants got the
Made our wishes with kisses.For desert a pecan pie,Apple Pie,and pumpkin pie.
My thanksgiving frock.I was going to do my hair and make up but once I started cooking time got ahead of me.So thats me with no make up and plane work tomorrow at 9am.Not looking forward to it.I hope by 9 all the crazy people are gone.So what did you fill your bellies with this thanksgiving?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Antique Finds from Friday

Friday I went to my favorite antique store cuz I have had my eye on some things and wanted to see if they were still there.I tease I am decorating my invisi house.When we get a place we plan on a bar so I have been buying bits and pieces.I have had my eye on these babies for ages.They were $40.00.But I got them for $28.00.I am so excited to have this set.The brass stand has wear and tear where the brass has worn off and almost looks rusted.I will have to clean it up.
I love the diamond design of the black and gold.Gin and Tonics anyone?
So classy looking.I can't help but think of having a cocktail party.
A few weeks ago hubby bought me this pitcher to match cuz I planned on getting the glass set.I got this at another antique store.How cool is that it matches?lol.It was $6.95.
I can't wait to clean everything up and make Bloody Mary's.My favorite.I think my cocktail books are going to be abused now that I have this.
Hubby spotted these 1950's cocktail stirrers where I got the set.they were about $2.00.The whistles still work damn it.That means when he finishes his drink he is going to annoy me blowing his whistle."More drink wench".lol.
I love the whistle and the glittery specks in them.Did anyone go antiquing or thrifting this weekend?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pretty and Glittery Nails

Yesterday I went to Sally Beauty Supply just for conditioner but I can't ever leave without nail am a sucker.I got these two sally girl colors for 99 cents.I love them.First I put my clear coat on.I am almost out of this stuff.The first blue went on very light and clear so I did two coats.After that was dry I put on the darker very glittery blue.The glitter in this polish will be fun to remove when I go to re do my followed it with a final coat of clear.
Before my nail make over.I had my nails nice, and long ,and very pointy.Didn't last long this way.I kept bumping the tips of my nails and it would chip the points off.
Split thumb nail.I hate when they split so far down you can't clip them even.
Two nails down.All the nails on my right hand have become little
And after.trimmed and reshaped.My right hands new look till they grow back
Tada.Lovely glittery beauties.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Frock for Friday

Happy Frock Friday everyone!Here is what I wore today after me and hubby's day out to the antique store and grocery store.I love plaid skirts.I want loads of them.I rolled my hair in pink sponge rollers before bed. For this hairstyle I used an oval boar bristle brush to smooth my curls down.Then took the sides and twisted them up and clipped in a few bobby pins.Sprayed a little Aqua Net and stuck in my little red bows.
I think hubby was trying to look up my
My little cadbury
Ooops there a bobby pin shoes.
My little stick
I just love my red seemed stockings.I got these babies for 8 dollars at VLV.Last pair ha ha.

Hope everyone had a great day.Think since I am dressed up me and hubby are going to go for a drink or two.Thank god it's friday.xx