Sunday, November 20, 2011

Antique Finds from Friday

Friday I went to my favorite antique store cuz I have had my eye on some things and wanted to see if they were still there.I tease I am decorating my invisi house.When we get a place we plan on a bar so I have been buying bits and pieces.I have had my eye on these babies for ages.They were $40.00.But I got them for $28.00.I am so excited to have this set.The brass stand has wear and tear where the brass has worn off and almost looks rusted.I will have to clean it up.
I love the diamond design of the black and gold.Gin and Tonics anyone?
So classy looking.I can't help but think of having a cocktail party.
A few weeks ago hubby bought me this pitcher to match cuz I planned on getting the glass set.I got this at another antique store.How cool is that it matches?lol.It was $6.95.
I can't wait to clean everything up and make Bloody Mary's.My favorite.I think my cocktail books are going to be abused now that I have this.
Hubby spotted these 1950's cocktail stirrers where I got the set.they were about $2.00.The whistles still work damn it.That means when he finishes his drink he is going to annoy me blowing his whistle."More drink wench".lol.
I love the whistle and the glittery specks in them.Did anyone go antiquing or thrifting this weekend?


  1. Oh i love all these! Better get those cocktails mixed! Scarlett x

  2. I'm absolutely dying over those stirrers, they are the best find ever! x

  3. Those glasses are so classy and charming and the pitcher matches perfectly!

    The stirrers are adorable and would look lovely sat on yours and the hubby's future bar! Such a neat idea! xxx

  4. O,yay,not only did you make it to your fave store,you scored BIG!Love this set!!Mmm,bloody mary's are usually my hangover cocktail!!!x

  5. *Ahhh* What lovely purchases!!
    Your gonna have the best bar on all of blogger.
    I love the glasses and the stirrers they are amazin!

    I just went to a couple thrift stores this weekend. Didn't come up with much... Nothing ABSOLUTELY AWSOME LIKE YOU DID. *darnnnn*

  6. What an ace score! I love the carrier too.

  7. gorgeous glasses...
    no time for thrift shopping this time... i feel a little jealous about your finds.

  8. Oh wow diamond cocktail set, just love he whistle stirrers.

  9. OMG! OMG! OMG! Love your stuff.
    A big mazel tov to you for snagging such cool bargains.

  10. @rascal I think hubby is snagging it from loves his