Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dinner Ware

Hello everyone.Sorry for such a long laps in posting.I really haven't had anything to post about really.So been trying to think of something to post about.I haven't been antiquing in a few weeks.Thats when I am looking for all sorts I do love browsing at dinner ware.And I have become obsessed with Depression Era glass.I don't own any yet,but I plan on it being my new collecting item like my lip stick holders.I am trying to deside what color I like best cuz they are all so beautiful when I see them.The most popular I have noticed is the pink.But I am leaning toward the green or yellow.So here of some pics of what I like.I got the photos off yahoo so hope no one yells at me if they see thier photos.
How beautiful is the green?
I think lime or rainbow sherbert would be yummy in this.
I just love the green.I think of emmeralds.
And then came the lovely yellow.No wonder I can't decide.
Love the detail on these.Tea and lemon cake anyone?
And the most popular of the depression glass.The rose pink.Sooo pretty.
My dream set wether it's green,yellow or pink ect.just look at the beauty.
I absolutley love this jar.
And then there is the pretty blues.Cute salt and pepper shakers.
I just love the ruby red also.
I have plenty of time to decide what color but it's going to be hard cuz every color is gorgeous.Right now I have black and red modern style oriental plates and I am looking forward to collecting the depression era dinner ware.So what kind of dinner ware do you have?


  1. That poodle pot is just amazing, I'd love something like that for my collection.
    I love 1960s art glass, the chunky coloured stuff. My dinner ware is plain white, I can't bear to eat off anything patterned, it puts me off my food (do I sound like a freak?) x

  2. Depression crookery is so gorgeous.
    I cant make up my mind what color is the best,
    You should get the pink ones yoli.

  3. I always am keeping a eye out for this stuff. It gets bought up swiftly in our thrifts. It always seems like I am a few minutes behind of grabbing it up myself. So usually I get to see it in someone elses shopping basket. *lol*
    I can't pic a color either. It is all gorgeous!

  4. I was telling the guy at the antique store I am going to start collecting soon and he said the yellow is hard to find and isn't worth alot.Maybe so but I want it.Doesn't matter what it's worth sometimes.I have a way I want hubby would probably not like eating off pink plates so I think I am going to use each color.The red for my kitchen since I do it country apples and roosters,the dining room will be the green and yellow and my sun room/tea room will get the pink.I found my china cabinet.i'm on a home furnishing