Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.Hope everyone had a nice day with family and friends and had loads of good yummies.This year hubby was here and this was his first Thanksgiving.Since it's not celebrated in England he had a nice treat of a giant plate full of food.He is always commenting how america makes big meals compared to England.I think it's funny when he says he is full and I end up eating way more than him .Where it goes I have no is what we had.I am so full but can't quit
The turkey before we tore it sweet potato caserole.stuffing,giant bowl of made the mashed potatoes.

Tried to get a full pic but the table is so big it was hard.
Hubby with his beer and plate full.Jetta is in
Hubbys plate of yummy.My plate of yummy.My turkey got burried under my
Clearing the table someone wants got the
Made our wishes with kisses.For desert a pecan pie,Apple Pie,and pumpkin pie.
My thanksgiving frock.I was going to do my hair and make up but once I started cooking time got ahead of me.So thats me with no make up and plane work tomorrow at 9am.Not looking forward to it.I hope by 9 all the crazy people are gone.So what did you fill your bellies with this thanksgiving?


  1. *Cries*
    Your post made me VERY hungry!!
    "Dear God" In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in the beginning of October. So my Thanksgiving day is long gone... and just seeing yours made my mouth water. *hahah*
    I ATE WENDY'S..... *Boo* *Booo*

    But guess what...? WE HAVE THE SAME PLATES!
    Isn't that amazing. (Just that fact alone cheered me up a bit.) Your dinner looked delicious Yoli

    p.s. I will take a slice of the pecan pie. ;)

  2. Oh Yoli! All that food looks so scrumptious! Hubby looks like he is enjoying his first Thanksgiving! Lucky man!

    The pies look so good :| I love pecan pie! I bet American pecan pie tastes amazing!

    Got to love Jetta making puppy dog eyes for more food! So cute! xxx

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Yoli!
    That pecan pie looks amazing, I've only had it once but I loved it!
    Your husband looks very happy with his dinner, I hope he let Jetta have a morsel or two! x

  4. Hubby had a nice thanksgiving.He is enjoying turkey sandwiches had plenty of food.I don't know where she puts

  5. Yoli,
    Mmmm everthing looks so delicious!Glad you had your Pete with you. you guys look so cute. aww Jetta begging for turkey.
    yummy pumpkin pie.

  6. You making me hungry!!!

    Love your outfit, you look so nerdy and cute. ;)

  7. Oh my gosh, I love your husband. You two are sooo cute!

  8. Thanks ladies.@ rascal *nerdy and cute* I like
    @ CoCo my husband is a