Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Heyday Give Away

Have you ever been on Heydays website and just wanted every beautiful dress they have?I know I have.They look so pretty and comfortable.And each one is different.Well now is your chance to win one of their lovely dresses.The Daisy Chain Fleur dress.Click the link below on the how to's to enter.May the best gal win.Good luck


  1. *YAY* I went over and entered my name.

  2. Oooo i heard about them but havent went on theit website lately.
    Will go enter now.

  3. Hello hello I am now your newest stalker I mean follower lol Been reading lots of your posts what a fun read.I may have found you via our lovely little coconut cant remember as had your page open for last 2 days anyway Hellooo

  4. Thanks nelly.Welcome to my blog.I love getting new friends and comments.xx