Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Shimmer

Hello everyone.Again sorry for slacking on my posting.I seem to end up working on weekends so can't get my Fashtitute Frock Fridays up.I am excited I now have reached 50 blog followers.Welcome all my new followers and thanks so much for sticking around.So I am planning a give away soon.It will be my very first one so I will keep you all posted.So tonight I have just finished my nails.It was time to remove the pretty blue I have been wearing ages.It didn't even wear off the tips of my nails.Lol.Talk about long wear nail polish.Anyway I wanted to do something shimmery for the holidays.It's that time of year where we love to shimmer and shine.So here is what I did.Also my how to on how I do my vintage manicure look.And it's very easy.Here is what I did.
I used China Glaze strong adhesion base coat.China Glaze in salsa.Sorry about the black mess on the bottle.I had a small bottle of black polish in my box of polishes that broke all over and dried before I knew it had the gold by Orly in glitz and glamour.Those little things under the bottles are my secret for my vintage manicure look.As sometimes I get lazy these little things work very well for the clean moon shape.All they are is reinforcement labels when your paper rips where the holes are.You can get them at an office supply store or stationary section.So lets get started.
First one coat of clear polish.Make sure you let it completly dry.
Place the forms at the bottom of your nail where the natural moon shape starts.You can go high or low with this.What ever you prefer.Make sure to press them down.I used my nail to trace the cuticle area to make sure there were no open spots.Once they are in place you can go ahead with your red polish.don't worry if you paint the label or form.repeat on other hand.I used two coats of red.But it's up to you.Let dry.
When ther red is dry,paint one thin coat of your gold color.You can also use silver.I think that would be pretty too.
It's very important to let your nails to completly dry before removing the forms.This keeps you from peeling your beautiful poilsh off with the form.So when they are dry remove the form by removing it side ways and down.Once the forms are removed paint one coat of clear to seal it and give it a pretty shine.You can clean the edges of excess off the skin with a q tip and polish remover and do a quick clean up.
Tada.Gorgeous holiday shimmer.
my little powder puff.hee hee.


  1. Lovely shimmer nails, they looks real nice.
    I do my vintage manicure with the same things. But the last ones I bought were from the dollar store and are thicker than usual and less sticky so they KINDAAA suck! *LOL*

  2. I always did free hand and once I used the forms they are so much easier to keep nice.I got mine at walmart I

  3. They look so elegant and retro. You have beautiful hands! x

  4. I love the orangey glitter polish,going buy some of those round your nails.

  5. i thought about this polish but buy the gold crackle polish.That would rock.Ever since I started using the forms I don't free hand the moon free hand the nail art.

  6. Im loving the moonbeam effect. Looks like christmas!