Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Thrifty Finds

(feel bad I stole this pic off yahoo but it's me and hubby every day and it was funny)
Yesterday both jobs didn't need me so after being in the house all day I told hubby we needed to get out.I think he is getting bored here.I am either working or when i'm not we are broke.I had $20.00 to spend and I think my pocket was going to catch fire if I didn' we went into the salvation Army and at first I didn't find anything.The store here is kind of slummy.When you go in it almost looks like they are closing down cuz it's not full.I think cuz of it's location maybe if they sold to much they would get burgled.Anyway I kept looking.for about 15 min.Then hubby ran up and said hurry up it started laughing.He doesn't like that old smell I guess.And the way he said it with his English accent made it even funnier.I was trying to hold my laughter cuz it turned into a laughing attack.So I gave him the jeep keys and told him to go out and have a cigarette cuz I don't rush when I browse or shop.
So once I stopped giggling and got back to looking when hubby left I found all this wonderful stuff.
First I found these wonderful penny loafers.I have been looking for some for years and they are hard to find these days.I got these for $4.99.I was so excited they were my size.
Hubby put his pennies in them since he can't use them in
By GH Bass and Co.According to hubby this brand is very expensive.
With a little polish they will be hot sexy.
Next I went to the skirts.I had to find a plaid skirt for my loafers.And I got lucky again for $3.99.

I love this style plaid and the pleats are amazig.This is the same kind my gran always wore.I thought of her while picking it up and holding it in my hands.She would have loved this.She wore plaid skirts and penny loafers all the time.
Next I spotted this grey plaid style pencil skirt.It is the cutest thing.Also $3.99
Love the pattern especially the pink.It also has a slit in the back.
Next I spotted this lovely hawaiian print pencil skirt.It is much prettier in person.All I could think of was pool party at VLV next year.This was also $3.99.I believe thats what the price is for skirts and tops.
Close up of the print.can't wait to wear it while drinking a hawaiian martini.
And finally I got this little pink sweater.I think it will be cute with the grey plaid pencil skirt.It got wrinkled from being in the bag.This was also 3.99.Sorry about the door't wait to wear these.


  1. Look and you shall find! Good scores. I love the pennies in the penny loafers haha, Ive never seen that before!

  2. Wow, you did do well! I've always wondered why they're called penny loafers, now I Know! x

  3. Wow! Amazing skirtsssssssssssss! Love your blog, and I'm definitely following you now:D

  4. Awesome finds! Love them all :o) Scarlett x

  5. I want all the plaid skirts!
    I used put penny's in my black loafers.

  6. the hawaian print skirt is so amazing ! you are so lucky to find clothes like these in your salvation army, in France, in their stores, everything is awful !

  7. sometimes I can't find anything either.I hardly go there.we had gone in a store that was next to it so I decided to go for a look when we came out.I must have gone at a good time.A few days later I didn't get lucky.:(