Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Vintage Vanity part 2

Hello everyone.Sorry about the lack of posting.Been working off and on and kind of been wanted to share my second video of my vanity Rose all clean and pretty.Sorry it's so dark and side sorry for the mess in the background.and the sound isn't very good.Hope you like it.Also a warm hello with hugs to all my new followers.Thanks for staying and I hope your all enjoying my blog.Don't be afraid to comment.What did everyone get up to this weekend?xx


  1. *Awww* Your so sweet, thank you for the congrats!

    Rose looks so happy all done up and ready to be used again.
    WOWZA At your nail polish collection. I don't have near that much. *hah*
    Your drawers sure hold alot of stuff. Have you got into the habit yet of getting ready at your table?? I always almost forget and almost head for the bathroom to apply my makeup... then I am like "WHAT AM I DOING, I HAVE A VANITY NOW."

    I passed up a whole vanity set at a garage sale this summer. I wish I didn't now!! *Grrr I am going to have to keep my eyes peeled. I love all the old holders.

    p.s. I held my laptop sideways to watch your video!!! LOL

  2. I still run to the bathroom.Only cuz of the lighting in their but to my hair at my vanity.I used to be able to flip video on my comp even after loading and now it won't do will figure it out eventually.

  3. I'm absolutely inspired by your blog!!

  4. Oh, i's just beautiful and so well stocked! I loved hearing your cute accent. x

  5. Thanks.I never new how much of a southern twang I have until I listened to

  6. Congratulations on finally getting your dream vanity! It is beautiful!! I would love to own a lovely vintage dressing table myself but the only problem is I need a large surface to store all my makeup and trinkets! I find most of the dressing tables that I like aren't practical for me! I am happy with the one I have at the moment but am still on the look out for something with a bit more age and character!

    I love that hair spray holder and your little lipstick holders! Yay for lipstick shopping! You better get hubby to fill that makeup fund money box quickly! xxx

  7. Shes a beauty! Love your accent :o) Scarlett x

  8. Really beautiful! You are going to love having it. I still get ready at mine every day. I had to buy a lighted make up mirror though so I could see but otherwise it feels so glamorous! Enjoy!

  9. Rose is so pretty,love how you decorated with all your gorgeous trinkets.I am eyeing at your vanity much room, I need a great big ass vanity but no room here.
    I miss Aquanet hairspray.